When Loving Them Means More

The Sanity Suckers themselves

I blog about them so i thought you would like to meet them.
These are my little blessings. The people in life i 
couldn't live with out. They make me smile, 
each in they're own way!

April 4/04


She is my oldest.
She is crazy, silly, outgoing and fun.
April can make you laugh till you have to cry.
She is my cuddle monkey, my huger.
I SIMPLY love her!

Havanna 11/05

She is my little i told you so kid.
She tells it how it is but you cant help but laugh
due to how cute she is.
She is a learner by nature 
but will be the first to say she 
knows what shes doing.
I SIMPLY love her!

Ryan 5/06
{not in the picture}
Our angel in the sky. 
Looks over us and blesses us. 
Is were we will all be when the time comes.
I SIMPLY miss him!

Tatiana 7/08

She is truly a blessing. 
She is a dare devil who doesnt 
scare easy.
She laughs even when there 
is nothing to laugh about.
She loves to sing.
She makes you want to smile.
I SIMPLY  love her!

Cristofer 6/09

My little man.
He is my chub chub extraordinaire.
He is a lover not a fighter.
He is a protector.
He loves to dance.
Our little future football star.
I SIMPLY love him!

The Hubs

He is my rock, someone i can always 
count on and love.
He is truly my best friend.
I look forward to the old years.
I look forward to his arms 
each day.
I SIMPLY love him!