A New Direction

When change represents growing. 

I have had this blog or over ten years. I had been actively posting between the years of 2009-2015, surrounding all of the reviews, mamma view point and just life happenings. I have made the decision to make all previous post unlisted. This was a personal choice due to the growth I have had and the direction I am going with on this blog. It is no longer about making money, a name for myself, or feeling like I have to keep up with others. It will just follow my voice, and I am excited for it!

There are many things i am excited to share that surround the many hats i wear. I know not everything will be for everyone, and that is okay. I will monitor comments closely and remove any that are just meant in mean spirit. I am cultivating a time in my life filled with positivity and that will include this sharing space as well. I would always love to hear what you want to share and say, so please feel free to comment, even if we do not agree. 

Thank you for checking out my sharing space and for taking time out to spend it with me. I look forward to the new memories I get to make here and all the fun I will have sharing in this space again! Here is to finding and keeping my voice as original a possible. 

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