Me In a Nut Shell

I am a over of life! Mom to 4 and wife of 17 years. I am a lie long earner, entering into my PhD. I am an educator, teaching first grade littles. I love reading, escaping into at least 100 different books a year. Paper crafting is a passion of mine, once having been a professional scrapbooker. I have been in paper crafting for the last 19 year, dabbling in every area possible. I started this blog back in 2009 as a way to share things i enjoyed and my opinion whenever my heart felt called to it. I am a pet mama, 2 dogs and a cat. We are Disney lovers and Hallmark watchers. This blog will be my voice. There will be no posting structure and i will not hold to timelines. I will share when the sharing bug hits, much like my Youtube. Happy reading!!