A Season Of Gratitude

The Core Bible Group

I have been called to share a season of gratitude with you. It is easy to forget our intentions and reasons why when life gets busy or all encompassing. I took sometime and read over a few things that led me to making a free printable to utilize over the first 28 days of November. The printables that i created can be used in varying ways, which ever suits the reader best. Me personally, i will be crafting with them, using them in my War Binder. 

The first printable can be used as foldable handout or cut to paste into a travelers notebook. You could also use it as just a view-able document online.  The second handout can be printed on labels if you want ease of sticking them in to a daily prompt but can also be used as a view-able document as well. 

On my faith instagram, The Core Bible Group, I will be sharing what I have gleaned from the gratitude experience and other tidbits of encouragement. All the words in the handouts can be found through reading over definitions and studying the Bible. None are my absolute original creations, but instead inspired by what I have read over time. Take the word as it comes to you, let my opinions and understandings be just that - mine. I would love to hear what it has spoken to you. 

Document one: 
Click here

If you are interested in seeing a clear view of these images, feel free to click either image and it will lead you to the document. It is a PDF that I am sharing from my personal drive. These are free for use. However, these are mine and if you are wanting to share them, please do - just give credit and link to http://www.instagram.com/thecorebiblegroup 

Click here 

This document can be printed on Avery labels, number i am using will be in the direction at the bottom of the page. I will be posting on the instagram listed about various kits that I have purchased from Etsy. The two shops I am using have quickly become favorites of mine and I love that they are faith based. If you use them, let them know Claudia said hi. They are sweet sweet people. 

I hope you enjoy and begin  or continue you a habit of making time to say Thank You!


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