2015 Clutter free - Starting small

Office/ Bill Pay Area - Before
Setup: One rack for files that holds 3 types of papers.
File 1 - call/ cancel/ ask
File 2- to pay
File 3- to file
A large calendar and a tool caddy for pens-stapler and stuff :). I file everything into my freedom filer. It is a new thing that I am giving a go in hopes of getting my paper clutter in order (because I have 12 years of it). Here is a link to check out the video that inspired me.


One more day

It is Christmas Eve and the kids are filled with excitement.
They will be at the window or chimney
waiting to see if jolly Saint Nick is on his way.
Put out those cookies you baked.
Have the kids pour some mile.
Sing a few carols and maybe watch a good movie.
Some of the best made will be on tonight.
Get the kids all snuggled in bed
and read them s story.
Our favorite is The Night Before Christmas.
Here is to a morning filled with fun! 


Oh the Clutter - Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp

buy here
I have been lucky enough to be apart of many books by Kathi Lipp. All fun and all exciting but this one I think I am the most excited about. We tend to put our best forward on our IG accounts. We always show the cleanest parts of our homes or the best decorated. Never do you find pictures of an unorganized house or clutter filled space.

So over the coming weeks I will be taking part in assignments from Kathi and her team. I will be de-cluttering not only my home but my heart and mind. I got my book yesterday with a cute purple highlighter. At first I was like ... Ahhhhh I don't want to write in my book, but hey maybe it will be fun. So start this journey with me and look forward to giveaways throughout this journey.


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #8

Tip #8

Sportsmanship Through Friendships

Sportsmanship is the aspiration that athletes will play the "game" because of enjoyment, respect, consideration, and fairness. Ethics on the sidelines are sometimes depicted or drawn from frustration and lackluster of the outcomes. Most times it is the parents who need a lesson in sportsmanship.

During tournament season, which is year round it seems, we tend to lose sight of the life lesson we aim to teach our children. Parents and athletes alike become "sore losers" because losing is simply not an option. A sport is just something someone does and not who they are. The virtues of ones character should not change depending on the out come of a game. Persistence to win is encouraged; however, the way we each reach whatever goal we are aiming for is the important part behind it. We are leaders for our children, and our children depend on how we lead through example.