When Adults Act 9

For children, friendships grow and friendships end. Children get over it pretty easily and tend to never give it a second thought. Us adults though, can't seem to do the same. Most of the time we allow things to build up to a boiling point and then it just blows up out of context.  Text messages dont help nor does being tired and sick.
I am only going into this as a way to vent, get out of my system and stop dwelling over it. I guess that is where i am at now...

A Home Becoming of A 50's Housewife

So i have been working on my home. Anyone who knows me knows i have pile after pile of hot spots in my home. Everything from mail to kids school work. How can i be a good hostess when i don't have somewhere warm and inviting for them to be hosted at??

So i am taking it room by room. First it was our living room, which i love!! Now it is time for the laundry room. I am so bad taking before picture, but did find pictures of before i moved in. I am looking to brighten my home and bring warmth to it. I want an organized home and a clutter free place to raise my kids.


Not the Best

!! Please excuse my writing, i am not feeling well and am doing this from my cell phone. I promised to have this up for those who asked for it no later than today. !!

A few of my local readers asked me to review a local diner. I have put great thought to it and decided to not share the name of the diner or those who work there. While my review will not be a surprise, there are still a few hard workers that should not have to suffer because of the rest. Those who asked for the review will know where i went.


Happy Vday

Happy Valentines day!! This is the first year i have allowed me to be included. I have to say it was fun. I have never been a fan of this so called holiday, and am not sure i still am outside of the fun my kids have. But this year we did it up, even though a few of us our sick.

Ended my Vday with a dinner out and was given a new bridal set. 10 years and still going. Its a beautiful ring!

Take a look at our day through pictures.