Soccer, Winning, The Feeling of Being Proud

- From Moms Point of View:

The moment they realized they did it was a moment i do not think i could ever forget. The excitement that each of the girls showed, and the elation that displayed on their faces. The ran to JB, our goalie, embraced and celebrated. They know that they won, but i am not sure they understand what it means truly. The trained long and hard, and practiced many days a week. They had to beat out a handful of teams before even getting to the position that they were in to compete.

So the smiles, the tears, the laughter and excitement  mean more than i think they can grasp. But i think the simplicity behind taking this win for face value is what makes it mean even more to them. To see these young girls grow, to have coaches who love them enough to be tough on them, and to see them accomplish such a feat that meant so much to them not just us (parents) was a powerful moment. I am proud of them all, but even better they are proud of themselves.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The day to celebrate.
It may not be his birthday till April 4th, but
today we as a nation can celebrate the
things Martin Lurther King JR. has done for us.
Our kids have asked how we celebrate him.
Besides what they learned at school
i shared with them from this site.
There are many sites to look at.
Remember what freedom he has brought us
and what the loss of his life
has meant to us as Americans.
Read his speech here:


Mommy On A Schedule - How Many Hours In A Day??

Every mom looks for more time in a day. 24 hours minus what ever sleep time we manage, sometimes doesn't seem like enough.  We try to get things done throughout the day, while being someone for everyone. Doesn't it seem like in the movies, old stories that we hear from family, and our friends who make being mom seem easy as if they have it all together and extra time to spare. I want to know their secrets, how they do it. I mean is there a way to not pull my hair out??? So lets get down to the niddy-griddy and figure this out. Its possible i am sure to be the super mommy everyone claims me to be. 

If You Build It, They Will Come--When You Follow These Mom Blog Networking Secrets

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