Homemade Snowflakes

So this year we wanted to add more homemade decorations to our home.
I thought it would be fun for all the kids to make different kinds of snow flakes.
we did the traditional ones, and even tried the 3d ones.
i thought the came out cute and made our home
even more warmer then before.
Nothing like a child's art to make you smile.
Steps to make a 3d snowflake
steps 1-3
 steps 4-7 (7 is repeating the steps)
 steps 8-10
what you will need: scissors, tape and a stapler.
step 1 - Get a piece of paper cut to an even square. Mine is 8 1/2 x 8 1/2.
step 2 - Fold the paper in half diagonally, point to point.
step 3 - Cut three triangles into the paper not letting tips touch.
step 4 - Open paper, take tips of first piece and tape together.
step 5 - Fold next piece opposite direction.
step 6  - Do same for remaining pieces, doing each one on the opposite side of the last.
step 7 - Repeat for each piece of paper.
step 8 - Bunch three and connect together with a staple.
step 9 - Repeat for second set of three and connect both together.
step 10 - Staple each side to the one next to it with a staple.
Last picture is what it looks like.

28 Days to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #1

Tip #1


A Few Family Traditions - Christmas Style


Every year i dress up the kids and take pictures of them. 
Some times it gets a little frustrating trying
to get them all to stay still. 
Then after its all said and done i can't help but smile.
 The girls twirl in their dresses and the boy gets all swave.

I love watching them smile laugh and play.

April is getting bigger and bigger each year.

Havanna is a little angle with a beautiful smile.


Tatiana is a dream to look at while she hams up for the camera.

Cristofer, my little man looking all handsome. 

We went and seen Santa.
The kids each asked for one thing. 
Went to lunch and came home to watch Christmas movies.
Wrote our notes to Santa and sent them off.

Went elf searching when we learned our letters had been picked up
then colored a few Christmas pages before bed.
Nothing beats Christmas family traditions.


Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Today is the day you gather with family, enjoy catching 
up with each other and have a delicious meal.
Today you are reminded of what you are 
thankful for. Give thanks for not only what you have
but also for the things you have been spared. 
Life is short we are given one and we should count our blessing
and be thankful not only today but everyday.

Enjoy you family and friends this holiday!
Be safe and encourage lots of smiles.

This month my children and I did a few different activities 
and talked about what thanksgiving is all about. 
We took the time to list out the things we are thankful for
and had fun making projects showcasing just those things.
It always amazes me what my kids are thankful for. 
I am very proud that they have a good understanding 
of what thankfulness is. 

One of the projects we did. 
Super fun learning about 
all of what they are thankful for.


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas

Last year I started this stress free tips. 
Due to time constraints I was not able to keep up to it.
Because of all the emails asking for me to do this again,
I am bringing it back and completing it this year. 

Starting the 26th of Nov. look for the stress free post helping you 
through this holiday season. Some of the 
more helpful post from last year will be posted again 
with some new tips added in.


Mom's Can Be Difficult To

I am who I am and NOT what I look like!!
     Have you ever gotten tired of others questioning you? Well I have. The fact is, no matter where I go or how tame I try to make myself I stand out. Guess what?? I don't care. I am always asked what I consider my "fashion style" to be. I never thought I had one. So I usually do not answer. Today was just another lesson in realizing to trust in myself and not in what others want me to listen to. As some of you know I have attended school again. I try to keep my thoughts to myself when it comes to my newest schooling adventure until the time is right. Well here is just a little of what has been up.

    So many times over the school has asked me to cover up my tattoos, as though that makes them not real. To change my hair color and style. Being who I am I could only compromise to a certain extent. To be honest the compromises I made had nothing to do with the school but more with what my pocket book could handle at the present time. After experiencing my first extern site, seeing what the school as coined "the real world appearance" with my own eyes and well being disappointed I stopped listening and went back to ME. To say in the nicest way, that site and me did not fit. I let the school know I expected more for the next one and that is what led to a meeting.

   I figured I could down play the way I dress simply so it did not become a meeting of defending my choices. What I choose to wear was simple, business casual with a little twist to it. All the pieces I can bet every mom owns but just wears them in a different way. Its the way I wore them that had them on guard. We got through our meeting and I thought for once that it was not going to be an issue. Boy was I wrong. I told them basically with out letting them finish their point of view that this was me and I was not changing. That in the "real world" I would not change myself to gain a job, so why do it for the school. If a place did not want me based on my appearance then it was not a place for me to work. I am educated in the fields that I would consider working in, they should only judge me on my skill set.

    Next my hair came into question. I knew it was coming so I made a light hearted joke out of it. Stating the color is of no issue depending on how I wear it. Another speech followed, letting me know of all the wrong reasons for looking this way.  Because they were sending me to what they consider to be their top extern site, they asked if I would please be on my best behavior and cover up and change. Here is the thing, I did no such thing. Well I behaved. I am not stupid people. I know how to go to an interview while still being myself. I went to this interview today, as me. Guess what happened??

       I was greeted kindly, asked to sit and began answering questions about what I am capable of doing. I was asked about my experience at "the school" that I was kind enough to hold back on. I was asked about the other site I was sent to , which I again held my opinion. I was given a run down of what would be expected of me. I was asked what I expected of them and a few jokes where bounced back and forth. Not once did my appearance unsettle a potential employer nor did the way I look change my intelligence level. Of course I asked about the policies on clothing and tattoos, and I was greeted with ... "we don't have one. Just be presentable as you are now and your fine." Funny right they didn't care. Now if I get the job or not is up to them. But at least I stayed true to who I am and did not allow a school to dictate who I should be. Yes I love everything "retro", yes I dress a little differently and have my hair differently then most, but it's me. People should learn to love themselves! I love me !!




Havanna's Birthday Weekend

Havanna as Alice
She was super excited when her grandma surprised 
her with her outfit for her party.

This year the cake was kept simple
and stuck to Havanna's favorites for the food.
All the kids dressed up. 
Havanna: Alice
April: White Rabbit
Tatiana: Tweedledee
Cristofer: Tweedledum 

Some of Havanna's friends that were able to 
come and enjoy the fun. Taking pictures "inside" the 
tea cup Havanna's daddy made.
Some of Havanna's guest even dressed up.

Then this morning as my in laws are getting ready to leave,
my kids went hat crazy. Grandma went shopping for hats.
I thought it was super cute. 

I got to spend time with my little mamas. 
She is getting so big now. 
She is all smiles and laughs.
 I already miss her. 


Happy 7th Birthday Havanna

My baby is 7 !!!
She was born Nov. 9th 2005 in Woodland Hills CA.
Havanna has become such a big girl and is so beautiful
inside and out. Now in gymnastics, she is living
her dream and learning fun new things. 
She is doing awesome in school and is a BIG goof ball.
I want to tell my baby Happy Birthday.
Mommy loves you!!!

Birthday party pictures will be added after her party check back.


Lunch At Teriyaki Madness ... yum

Teriyaki Madness has the most flavorful Asian menu. With the freshest meat, high quality vegetables, and some of the best tasting sauces making for delicious food. With some of the best staff you can find in Las Vegas, the eating experience is spectacular. Teriyaki Madness was honored with the "Best of Las Vegas" award for Fresh Asian dishes.

My children and I were invited to enjoy a delicious lunch. We joined April's soccer team at the Buffalo location where they got to film a commercial and enjoy great company. We all tried something different. My children tried a junior beef bowl and a junior teriyaki bowl. The junior bowl is big enough for me to enjoy. I enjoyed a regular bowl of katsu chicken. All of us got a choice of white rice or brown rice and a choice of veggies. Absolutely yum! We found a table and waited for our food that was brought to us shortly after we ordered. The staff came and gave it to us with a smile. 

 This is a junior bowl of katsu chicken.

The team and family enjoying Teriyaki Madness.

Some people have said that the service I boast about at any place I go to is great because they know they may be written about. So for this review I put it to the test. I went back, when they weren't expecting me. I brought two friends with me and we all paid for our own meals. So this is where my review comes in. The service was impeccable. We were each greeted with a smile, asked how our day was going and our order was taken. We sat and chatted as we were waiting for our food. Brought to us with a smile we dug in. Food was beyond delicious as I knew it would be and my friends and I enjoyed our lunch together. We each got a different junior bowl. Which we all agreed were very good. The have this red bottle sitting on the table filled with what I want to call "special" teriyaki sauce. After we finished we stayed for a while, not feeling like we were being rushed out. 

Service can always be good when someone knows they are being watched. Yet when you can get that same service any time that you go in, that's when you know its a great company. 
Take the time to stop by Teriyaki Madness and enjoy one of their meals. 
Great food, even better service.