New Years Eve 2011

Be safe and enjoy!
Celebrate with sense
and get home to your families!
To the end of one year and the beginning of another!!

2011 A Year in Review

Thank you to all my readers who took the
time to read and enjoy a little bit of my life.

This year has been an amazing one.
My family has taught so much!
This year i was lucky enough to help at
my daughters school, started going to a new church, enjoyed
time with family and friends and made amazing memories.

I look forward to another year of making memories and enjoying
what the New Year has to bring me!!


Merry Christmas 2011

My my family to yours!
May your holiday be filled with
happiness and blessings.


Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to You

It's Christmas Eve, a time to celebrate. In my household we are baking cookies, wrapping last second gifts, planning which movies we will watch and looking forward to putting out cookies for Santa. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Christmas Eve has a little bit more of a meaning for me. My nephew Klassic was born on 12/24 and passed away 9/2010. We celebrate his birthday and his short lived life.

His passing taught me something, that i am reminded of each and every time I think of him. Christmas is not about how many presents you receive or even give. It's not about if you have a belief in Jesus or if you don't. It's simply about being gracious and thankful.

In our home we celebrate this as a day of giving, life, and love. This is a day for all Nations to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and even though we might not all agree on the day of his birth, its nice to have one day we all can celebrate it TOGETHER. It's a time for families to take off of work, gather together and enjoy one another. Remember this today, life is short and enjoy each day as it is given to you. He decides the length of our life's but we can decided the quality. Show a little more love, kindness and compassion to one another. Care enough to smile, and laugh enough to enjoy!

Merry Christmas from my household to yours. On this day of remembering, celebrating and love you are in my heart!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #19

Tip #19
Get to the post office and mail everything off!!!
After today you should not have to worry about mailing
a thing. On the 10th you got everything ready
to go, so now you can make one trip.

Try to hit the Post Office early.
The later it gets the more you will have to deal with
last min senders and packers.
If you can go a day or so before or even on the 10th !

If using a mailing service you can call and schedule a pick up.

Bonus Tip
Start saving addresses, left over cards, mailing labels
and any other things you may need for holiday mailing
in your Christmas Binder.
Makes next year mailing easier.


Happy Holidays = Blog Mishap

With it being the holidays i took the time to set up a post for each day of December. For some reason most of the post did not post. I will be working on fixing this problem and getting these post up. I am sorry for those of you who were following the tips. Thank you for notifying my via email about this issue.

Happy Holidays and may your season continue to be filled with blessings!!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #15

Tip #15

Get all the things you need to mail together.
This is the time that you need
to get the final things together.
Mail day in most cities is the 14th,
check your city for your day.

Most post offices have a final day to mail packages
and cards that will guarantee
Christmas delivery.
Take the time to check what your date at your local
post office is and start getting all the last
min packages and cards ready to go.

Bonus Tip
Because Christmas cards go on sale the day
after Xmas, buy a box or two
address them to those you received a
card from because the address are available and handy.
Put a forever stamp on them
and they are ready to go for next year.
Makes Xmas cards less of a task next year.