My Weight Loss - This Month

This is something i was going to set month per month.
A way of getting healthy with out going crazy over it all.
It is way harder then i thought and way
more time is needed to put in.

I didn't put much effort in this month.
Something i will be changing this coming month.
I did not hit my 10 pound goal.

October is a new month and i am looking forward
to getting into shape.
I will be playing softball, walking and even
doing 30 min work outs
in my home.

How are you doing with your goals?

Weight loss to date: -3lbs


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Happy Rush Hashanah


Welcome Fall

Can you feel the change in the air??
Fall is on its way!!
Looking forward to the beautiful
colors of changing leafs falling and
cool nights walking with the family.
Happy Fall


what i have completed

This month i have not stuck to my goals.
I have gotten to sleep a lot earlier then usual on some days.
I have worked on 1 of three of my blogs but
i ave helped others with theirs.
I have taken 30 mins each day for myself.
Not matter what i use it for it has
been nice to have it each day!!

How are you doing with your 3in30?


Remember Be Thankful

I took this photo on the way home from my daughters soccer practice. Hundreds of flags remembering those who we have lost. Fighting for freedoms we so easily forget we have. Be thankful, be strong, remember !!!

National Grandparents Day

In loving memory to everyone who was lost on 9/11 I celebrate you with teaching love!
Our family is very blessed to have 3 grandparents for our 4 children.

The hubs parents, Grandma Silvia and Grandpa Fernando ( grandpa Nando) are awesome! They make that 5 hour sometimes even longer drive from Los Angeles Cali. often to spend time with their grandchildren. Grandma teaches the girls how to cook, interacts with them with fun songs and games and always has a new and interesting educational gift for them each time she comes. I accredit her for some of the smarts my kids have :) !! Grandpa Nando is my kids favorite Mr. Itchy face. April can remember all the way back to 1 when she use to take nightly walks with him. Its still a favorite to this day, with all the children wanting their walking time with grandpa. Grandpa even does tea parties!! He's always full of fun and love spoiling his grand kids with love all the time.

Then there is Grandpa George, my father whom my hubs affectionately calls pops, that has moved out here for his retirement to be closer to his grand kids. My father has almost a dozen grand kids in between my brothers kids and mine. He will roll on the floor, help you feed ducks, play cars and even changes diapers. He loves these kids as though they were his own. It is a true blessing to have him here to help raise our children. The things he teaches them are invaluable!

Educational and Crafting links:

Apples 4 The Teacher (crafts)
ABC Teach (printables)

we loved this video last year and i wanted to
share... kids cant wait to see what this years is :)


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Making my hubs plate i found it hard not to take a large bite.
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The hubs was happy to enjoy his favorite
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My 3in30 So Far

Well this is where i am at so far. I have lost just
over 1 lb this week. Not what i wanted but a start.
To be honest i didn't really try to hard. So i know
that i will have to step it up a little. I even posted about it here.
Even though this is not a direct 3in30 goal
it is one of my September goals and i wanted to share it with you.

I have worked on my other blogs. Most of it though has been
cleaning up post that i never posted and setting up future post.
I did post one new blog post on my frugal blog
Frugal In Sin City
It still needs a lot of work.

SLEEP!!! I have actually been sleeping more
then i usually do. Only one night i stayed
up for what seemed like for ever but every other
night i ave gotten at least 7 hours of sleep.
This is a big accomplishment for me.

My time just for little old me. Well i haven't gotten a lot of that.
I am trying but i think that is the hardest goal yet!

Well that is where i am for now. How are you doing ??


Labo Day - More Then Just A Day Off From School

So I had no clue on how to teach or celebrate Labor Day with my family beyond traditional BBQ and salute to the flag. This year I waned to do something different. I wanted to teach the children something about what makes this country so grand. I took the time to do a little research and this is what I found.

  • The definition of Labor Day Wikipedia - interesting to say the least and i learned a few things myself. Look forward to turning it into a lesson for today for my children.
  • The History Of Labor Day U.S. DOL -" a street parade to exhibit to the public "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" of the community " Something i have never read before and found interesting when i read it on his article.
  • Apples 4 The Teacher Labor Day Crafts - one of my favorite websites!! Check it out has tons of fun things to do for today!!
  • "Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?" TLC - thought this was interesting but not my favorite out of the few links i did read through.
So make today more then just a day off. Take the time to learn about your history and teach it to your children. How much do you really know?? Its always fun to celebrate the holidays and its fun to teach your children so why not mix the two??? Enjoy!!

Happy Labor Day


Guest Blogger

This morning I ave a guest blogger here to
share something from here point of view.
Take a moment after reading and stop by
here blog and read he posts. What an
uplifting message this morning !!

May we feast on the words of Christ
By Aimee Kuewa @ The Aimonites

Ho-hum... I find myself unsettled and not focused. I spend a lot of time tediously planning life in my head and it all sounds -mastorious- (my word for master-mind) but my worry and guilt over take my potential.

Back to the basics! (my rule of thumb when I can't form complete sentences or sense). I often think about " if God were to come today is my life and home in order", um no! NOT SO MUCH. Am I depending praying and putting my faith in God? um not so much!

Well go figure no wonder I am a basket case. Truth is I have to stop focusing on "I" and get back to serving others and my God and maybe I won't feel so much anxiety.

I often think I would survive so much easier in a monotonous environment. I like the idea of predictable. Yet I am lucky enough to be different and I am needing to explore the power within me. I heard some women talking in church one day about wanting to be perfect at everything. As women I think all of us strive to work miracles in every aspect of life. When really we are given gifts and strengths different from the next. I am still in my beginning stages of understanding those gifts. I am still searching for my opportunity to give back to society.

I truly believe we have to put our faith in God. I have had the opportunity to be led by him with my faith firm. I can never forget my cries of thanks and my power to understand his hand in my life. I recently experienced hardship and found myself slowly losing faith and direction. I have been able to regain my strength and my feisty personality and I am ready to apply that to the Lord's work.

"Come what may and love it". The way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy we can be in life. I am so grateful for the challenges I have faced and the strength I gained to overcome. I am grateful for the opportunity I have 2 raise 2 beautiful young men. As I raise them I see the power and love of God. What an amazing gift and I often know God chose them especially for me. I am loved by God and I am determined to fulfill his will for me.


50's Housewife -Tis the Holiday Season

For The Love Of 4

I haven't gone far, just went missing :). Its nice to get back into the swing of things and i was thinking about bring back this little challenge once again. I already live the life of a housewife and my what i think of a house wife still stands. I thought it would be fun to do this for the holiday season. I also thought it would be fun to ave guest bloggers post what they have done. It's all in fun and I enjoy the little extra challenge behind it all.

The holiday season in my house runs from Oct 1st to Jan 7th. This go around i will not set up specific post but instead will write about all the things i am doing. During this season i usually bake non stop, make homemade goodies for gifts, try new recipes, host parties and of course still run my home day to day and homeschool my children during school breaks.
I look forward to putting a little something extra in each task i do.

Look for the first of what i am sure will be many post starting soon :)


Working towards my - 10

(picture found on the web image search)

So i am on a mission to lose 10 lbs this month.
2 lbs more then what is recommended,
but very do-able. I plan on walking 1-3 miles
everyday along side my daily running around and
house chores with the kids ( yup that all burns calories too ).
I also plan on using what i learned from a friend
of mine who is doing the new weight watchers.
I have my points and i plan on sticking to them.
This is by no means the way i plan to lose all the
weigh i want to but this is the way i
choose to go about this week.
One of my 3in30.

I have always been told that i look 30-40 lbs less
then what i actually am. I think its people just
being nice :) !! I do not have a number goal that
i am trying to achieve, because no matter what size
or weight i am i want to be happy with me.
This means at any size. I have a favorite pair of
jeans that i would love to get back into so that is my goal.
When you stick to losing numbers you tend to never be happy.
Always hoping for 5 more. My pants will do. Its the getting
healthy part that matters to me :).

Are you on a weight lose journey?
A few of my blogging real life friends are too....
Check out the missions they are on.
Show some love for the success they have made.
I am wishing you all the best in your journey.
Leave a link in the comments so i can stop by
and support your journey.


Thoughtful Thursday

Today i went with my father and youngest two to go pick up Havanna. I knew she would be happy to see her grandpa there to pick her up. When i seen them get closer to the car, she flew from grandpas hand and ran to give me a hug.Its so funny how much the little ones can miss you when given the chance to. When we got home i asked her why was it that she missed me so much and she told me about the kissing hand story she has been reading. When i seen how she was visually telling me i had her do it a second time so that i could take a picture of just how cute she really is. This is what my monkey looks like when she is being beyond sweet. She was explaining where you place the kiss so when i miss her all i have to do is place my palm to my cheek and i would feel her love.

This is why i am a mom. These sanity sucking blessing are truly worth every minute of lost sleep, tired days, long nights, runny noses and all that other wonderful mommy stuff. I couldn't have it any other way!!

September 3in30 and Monthly Goals

This month, with the start of school, i will be
keeping my goals at a minimum. I will not put a
full plate in front of me :) i learned my
lesson from last month.

This month is going to be all about projects.
We will do at least one project a week every
Wednesday as a family.
That will equal 4 projects for this month

My goals for this month are:
1.projects with family
2.read two books a day with kids
3.blog at least 10 times this month
4.continue flying with Flylady
5. complete my 3in30 (look below)
6.loss 10 lbs this month
7.read four books of my own
8. devotional time and bible studies
9. a better priced menu for this month
10. laundry :/ ( keep it moving)

What will you be doing this September?
Anything special planned?

My 3in30 last month was fun so i
knew i wanted to do it again this month!!
View last months here.
Don't forget you can see all of my
3in30 post here.

This month i am going to skip homemaking
and jump on over to 3 personal goals.
While i still need to menu plan
i think i got that down as a habit now.
So this month i will work on these:

1. 30 mins of personal time a day
2. work on my personal blogs that i
have not been on for what seems like forever
3. sleep!!! to enjoy sleep and get enough sleep each day!
( this is a big challenge for me)

So lets do it!! What are your 3in30 for September?