My Under $7 Dinner

I was challenged by a friends today to feed my family of 7
for only $1 buck per person. Yup your reading that right$7 bucks!!
To bad this person didn't know i am a frugal mama!!

Homemade Sloppy Joe's

everything that is needed for the main dish
Bread $.69
Meat $1.89
Stagg Chili $.48 each
Corn $.25
Garlic $0
total for main dish = $3.79

Brown the meat and add garlic to taste

Once browned drain grease

Add Stagg Chili

Fold in corn

Finished main dish

side dish
Bag of salad $.50
Tomatoes $.29
Dressing $0
(always on hand)
Total for side dish= $.79

rinse well before,
dice tomatoes and add to salad

for my dieting reasons
i only used a 1/4 cup of dressing

mix well

add homemade croutons

serve a fair amount on top of bread

Dinners Done
Its a family favorite

Meal Total with taxes = $5.21


First day of School and The End of Summer

Today i sent off two of my children to school. It was most different coming home and only having two to teach. While Havanna will only be gone 2 shorts hours, she isn't here. I am looking forward to teaching Tatiana and Cristofer one on one. It should be interesting to she how it goes.

The girls ready for their first day.

Havanna N April cheesing it.

My Second Grader

She is such a big girl

Havanna with her 80's hair do
(crimps n all)
we fixed it and put a regular one
for school

silly goof ball

Tatiana with the cutest shirt ever

If you know Tati n Cris then you

know how well this fits

For morning lessons, homework and preschool

The kids jumped right in

Cristofer Cheesing it

loving her new glasses
Off to school they went

With her Apple for her teacher

With her cool teacher

Havanna lined up and ready for the day

At her seat ready to go asking me
to leave so she can learn


Summer - Oh The Fun Things You Have Brought Us

This summer has been tons of fun. We have done so
many things from going to the park to having picnics.
We got to explore new places and try new foods.
We found our new church and have made
new friends. The best part was that we got to
help rebuild the school that my oldest two will
be attending.

Some of the places we visited will become family
favorites for sure. The sleep overs we have had
and the movie nights with pop corn will be forever
remembered. The pool parties and the
fact that April learned
to swim is the best part. Great fellowship
with good people can never be beat!!
Even though the summer was a blast
we are looking forward to the first day of school.

Vlog (First ever) Household Notebook

This is my first time making a vlog and i
hope there will be more to come.
I will always try to keep the videos short
and have whatever information
you may want here in the post.


Part one: Household Notebook

Part two Control Journal

I have a good size planner because my goal is to
keep everything in one place. This makes it a lot
easier for me to get to the things i need
to use on a daily, weekly and monthly manner.
I intentionally plan every Sunday with one of my
closet friends, Kelly over at Finding Joy In Vegas.
The meaning of intentionally planning to me is
that i plan my day to day schedule to put God and
my family first in life. So i plan all
things around those two things.

In my planner i have used printouts from:
The Intentional Planner
(there is a $5 member fee, well worth it)
Tip Junkie
The Organized Housewife
Organized Home

These are just a few of the sites i used for my notebook.
There are millions, it just takes a little time
to find the printables that you like.
I am working on making my own.

The way i organized my binder was
by how i would use it most.
I put everything into piles on my table.
I put them into like categories.
Once i got through all the sections i knew i wanted
i then combined some of the.
I mean who wants a 20 million inch binder right?? :)
I put my binder together with the important not so personal
stuff first then went from there.
I knew i wanted my most personal towards the back.

The sections in my binder are

The Good Life
(where i also put my meal plans)
Home n Auto
Health Care

Your sub dividers will differ from mine.
Put what you think goes well in each section.
For example i knew i wanted school in my
Kids section because it is about them.
I wanted anything to do with day to day life in my
Calendar section because i wanted to access that
everyday. In other sections i put things that were needed.

The Flylady Control Journal is simply to put
together with step by step directions on
Flylady. Stop by a search around her site.
Very helpful tips there!

If you have any question about either binder or helpful
tips on how to build yours just email me.


Back to School Already ?? Are You Ready??

Its the season of back to school. Time seems to fly when you need it the most and these past few weeks it has just been like that. Right before school you take the time to get you supplies together, make sure you have all the clothes and shoes for the school year( because who would shop mid year right? :/ ) and even if you homeschool you still have all these responsibilities. I thought that i had it under control. I knew i had gone clothes shopping over the past year, my way of saving, and that i didnt need much. I knew that i had to reorganize the school area because homeschool would start the same as public school. I knew that i wanted to get my schedule together and have everything set to go. I Knew i wanted first day pictures and hugs. What i wasnt planning on was the time i would spend away from my home when i was suppose to be doing it. I put to much on one plate.

So moms during this hectic time, right before school...breathe. Remember to take a step back and enjoy these memories in the making. Enjoy that you have these to make. No need to stress because what happens happens and you can only try your best to do what you can. Make a plan, try to stick to and if you dont laugh about it.

Happy first day back to school :)

Proverbs 15:13 A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit

Exodus 33:14 My presence will go with you, and i will give you rest

Psalm 97:11-12 Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name


The Sweet Moments

1tati (her hand she jumped :/)





The Yum After Dinner

This month I said i would make
a new dessert every night.
So far it has been fairly simple.
I had one birthday so far to bake for
and the cupcakes were a hit.

Soon i want to try recipes that i have
never tried before. I stayed safe this round only because
31 days of desserts seemed a little much to try all never
been eaten desserts. So during Christmas i will
try my hand a few that i have found.

This has been enjoyable and i am happy that i
have made this a goal his 3in30.

How are your 3in30 coming along?


Food : Done The Easy Way

Today we made homemade pizza and had
homemade churros for dinner.
The kids enjoyed helping me make it
and it is a great and cheap meal!