Its a new month and school is right around the corner.
I am looking forward to ending our summer with a bang so
for August i have made some plans for our family.

- Family projects
- Field trips
- Cooking fun
- Reading and math adventures
- Swimming
- Park fun
- Sports

Our family enjoys lots of fun times.
Summer is always a fun and interesting learning time
for me as a mom. Even though i am looking forward to the
start of a school year, i will miss the summer fun
time i have with my children.

Besides my August goals, i am also taking part in
3in3o. This is a great encouraging way to set a few goals
and complete them. Set only three and you don't have to
many things on your shoulders.
These three particular goals
will be all about

My 3in30 Goal Are

1. Menu plan for the month
2. Construct a usable household notebook
3. Commit to making a homemade dessert each day

August Goals

prepare for homeschooling
get ready for the year of photos to come for scrapbooking
blog at least twice a week
my mommy play dates :)
have a weekly date night
make everyday like the last day of summer
donate all clothing that is to small for children

Enjoy your last month of summer!!

Tatiana's 3rd Birthday

Today my little princess is 3. We celebrated
her birthday today two days after the big 3 :).
She reminds me so much of me at
that age. Today we celebrate her!!!!

Her yummy cake!! Chocolate

Dora The Explorer themed
Because she is super in love with Dora

Blowing out the candles and
making wishes ... Super cute

( auntie Marti taking picture for me =.)
cant wait to see what they look like)

( another way of my kids calling him uncle)
helped all the kids hit the piƱata.
Tatiana got some really great hits in.

At the end of the party, Tatiana's Gma
( god mommy ) read a story all about
Noah's Ark. Cristofer sat right next to her.


Friendships & The Meaning

I have plenty of friendships, more so one sided. In life we tend to keep relationships around because we feel bad for walking away or because we pretend they are more then what they are. I am blessed to have many great friendship, people who take the time to want to know about my life as i do theirs. Then i have friendships that are more work then actual relationship. The ones i keep around because it is the nicer way of saying, "we just have nothing in common".

There are, in my opinion, 3 different friendships in life. 1. One that last forever through anything and is equal to one another. 2. The competing friendship that only seems prevalent when it is important to the other. For example when something is need or if that person needs to feel they are on a high horse. Someone who makes your relationship 70/30. Simply meaning you give more than they do. This is the most common friendship. I have one to many. 3. The people you keep around because you know them and you dont want to be rude. These friendships never go past a text or facebook message. These have no meaning and no heart break.

I often read things that at times i feel are written for me. Then there are times that i know they are and i could care less. At this point in my life, the friendships i have and tend to keep and actually work at to make something more than a sparse phone call or visit. I tend to allow friendships to be an unequal relationship. In a marriage you strive for honesty, equality and respect. You should do the same in your friendships.

I made a promise to myself that that i would only try with those who equally do as well. I have "friendships" that i only receive a phone call when they need something, or a visit that is centered on something being done for them. I have "friendships" that are online only, that i would never carry out in real life. I have "friendships" that are draining.

So as adults when do you take a stand and walk away from friendships that mean nothing to you? I told my best friend a long time ago the people i was over, and yet i still kept them in my life. Till this day i get short handed but i deal with it. For how much longer i am not sure.

The friendship i work at are awesome and make up for those that are just stuck in limbo. These friends care enough to know how my day or week is going, they ask about my children, call or /and send cards on birthdays, have picnics, dinners and date nights. They take the time to try not to make everything about them or a competition. My "friends" are like family. They are the ones i know i can count on. The ones who do not pass judgment and care enough to love.


A Lesson For Me In Being Frugal

12 shirts - 3 skirts - a pair of shoes - 1 dress
(with its tags still on it ) - and a clutch
- all name brand - all for under $65.

*Tips N Tricks on shopping at a thrift store, saving while not getting frustrated.

After losing over 20 pounds, my pants are falling and my shirts are showing more then i would like. I have been teaching my three girls modesty and have not fully followed it my self. After talking to my hubs about the importance of me shopping for a few new items for myself, he quickly agreed and wanted to go with me. I, no matter the financial issues we may be facing (good or bad), dislike spending unneeded money on clothing. As a child it was fun to save money, as i got older it became shameful. I let go of my prideful nature and became proud of what i am able to do.

2After figuring out what i needed and what i wanted i made a mental note of what to look for. I figured that i would only need (3) 15 complete outfits to have a bountiful new wardrobe.I am average mom, wearing the average size. I tend to not like tight clothing because i find it uncomfortable to continuously readjust my clothing. So when i went to the store 4I looked in more then one size category. I like lengthy shirts that come to a certain part of my waist, which took me all the way up to two sizes bigger that what i wear. I wanted to stay young and fresh and look my age,which took me all the way one size smaller then my size (woohoo a medium!).

Stopping at two different 1thrift stores, i started in the smaller size and picked the shirts i liked. 5I wore a shirt that i love to layer with ( a have a few in different colors) under a tshirt. This made it easier to shop because i did not have to go to a fitting room. I looked for shirts that were long enough and loose enough. I also looked for things that i could pair with items i knew i was keeping. Items like these can be made into 6many different outfits. I did this all the way through two sizes above my actual size( to 2xl). I have learned clothing is cut different depending the brand and as well as fabric.

It was fun, i was blessed to share this time with my hubs and it felt nice treating myself. I know some people feel like they are to picky to shop second hand. I am as picky as they come and do just fine. It is a way of pride that usually stops most. Unless you shared with someone that you shopped second hand no one would know the difference. Enjoy the hunt and have fun with it.

1. Not a stuffy old person store. You can find trendy fun clothing at cheap prices. Almost new and def new to you. Great prices on many items. Shop coupon days.

2. Take the time to know what you need and what you would like. Makes looking through the hundred of things simpler. A good rule of thumb that i learned from another Christian blogger was to keep new items from low cost stores under $10 and used items under $5. Not easy you say.... everything i got today was under $5.

3. I decided on 15 complete outfits because i knew i had pieces at home that would work well and i knew that i can make each outfit into 3 very easily. By simply switching pieces out with others will easily make 45 outfits (if not more).

4. Now that i have lost weight, getting used clothes that i felt still kept me looking young was a lot easier now. You should always look at once size smaller and one size bigger (at the least). Just because it has a size tag doesn't mean that is the size that it is. Clothes can fit depending on cut and fabric. So do not limit yourself.

5. I always have a shirt under a shirt. I am way more comfortable layering and it is something that is easy to do. I wore a shirt that i could easily take off and try things on while looking through racks. I do not like going back and forth to fitting rooms nor do i like standing in a small confined space. Knowing that this shirt and others like it would be under the shirts i was looking for, this helped tons with sizing.

6. Switch your clothes around often. Take pictures of the different ways you can put something together. This will not only save you money but continuously give you a fresh looking style.


Our Family Rules: Something To Live By

A visual reminder of what we try
to instill in our kids

(idea seen @ My Blessed Life)

So often we forget the simplest of things.
Why you shouldn't yell or give dirty looks.
That it is important to show encouragement
and to be kind and truthful at all times!
This is a visual for the main things we want
our children to remember.
Something they can read and we can go over with them,
as well as live by ourselves.
This is a good way to start and end each day.

Our rules (guidelines to live by) are pretty simple and are basic things most parents ask of their children. We infused it with our faith because that is an important part of the characteristics that we are trying to teach our children. Here they are in a simple breakdown. (by the way i got this frame last Christmas for $7)

We have a title box : our family/house rules
Respect- box one:
-Love God
-Trust God
-Obey God
-Talk to god

-Encourage your siblings to do good

Golden Rule:
-Be kind
-Gentle Words
-Caring Hands
-Loving Faces

Love and Respect between the adults: little eyes watch and grow up to be just like you!
-Husbands hug your wife
-Wifes support your husband

Self Worth:
- Share! There is no "mine" it all belongs to God!
(this is a chance to teach children that materialistic things do not matter for self worth!)

Respecting your elders:
-Honor and Obey your Parents

A Heart of Flesh:
- Forgiveness no matter the issue!!!

A joyful Heart:
-Have Fun

-Be thankful for all you have

The worth of your word:
-Keep your Promises
-Tell The Truth
-No Lies

Most important in our home:
-Pray Often

For each family your guidelines, rules, way of living
(which ever way you want to word it)
will be different.
I look at this pretty, fun, creative reminder as
a building block in who i want my children to become
and how i should be because my
children look up to me.

The Pleated Poppy

Perfectly Imperfect

*if you have a board of your own leave a link in your comment or email
and i will link your photo in this post !

A Rant Within A Rant Within A Rant

So I mentioned something on my facebook (that by the way isn't showing up) about my feelings on the issue of the Pledge. I am a little upset that as a Christian mom I feel we are compromising are beliefs continuously and not equally being thought of when the government is trying to make all religions comfortable. I personally do not say the Pledge because i do not pledge allegiance to this country. NO I am not a communist and NO I do not hate this country. I Dont like what the government has done with it. For personal reasons I just dont say it. But I do stand up and face the flag out of respect for the freedoms it allows me, the life's lost to get those freedoms and those who are still fighting today for those freedoms. The flag is an important aspect of our country. One day my opinion might change on the pledge. But it is my FREEDOM to not say it.

So what bugs me? That schools are removing this from the class rooms. You might be saying that I should be happy right??? No ! Our children should be taught and should continuously learn respect for this country. Our children should know our history and be proud of it. All because of one line, "In God we trust" its being removed because it offends non believers. Guess what people the American money says the same thing!!! Are you going to stop using it too??

I am not one to push my beliefs on anyone. I love learning about what others believe in and sharing what I have learned. I love knowing about others cultures and how they differ from mine. I love that we can have these freedoms to believe or simply not to believe anything at all. But why is it that this country continuously strives to make every religion comfortable besides the Christian religion?! Why is it that anything we do is frowned upon? When this country in itself was founded on the Christian religion. My 7 year old daughter prays each day at lunch at her school. This is her choice to do so, not because we ask her to. It is said it is not allowed in schools because it has the potential to make someone uncomfortable at your table. Like I explained to my daughter, to bad. You should not compromise what you believe in just because someone else doesn't like it. As long as you aren't asking them to join you, or purposely try to make them uncomfortable, you do for yourself as you see fit.

The schools teach children to be receptive to all kinds of people but yet make it okay to teach one sided. The school system teaches evolution (another topic all in its own), which is fine if they were to equally teach creation. But they dont. Why? because again they dont want to make anyone feel uncomfortable nor push belief on someone. Yet they are by teaching only one side of a topic or belief. I am sure many people will disagree with me. Some I know personally. But each one of my friends and even family members can say clear across the board that I equally listen to what they have to say regardless of if I agree with them or not.

Its sad that we have come to a point in this country that we pretend to be tolerant of everyone and there beliefs. Its sad when we put so much effort to stifle free religion. That is exactly what is happening.

I will address another topic, because I know for some of you who read wonder where i stand on it because I am a Christian.

Gay Marriage. Honestly I dont care. I believe in equal rights for everyone no matter who you love. I do though believe Gay marriages should not be preformed in a church because the church follows the bible guidelines. There is no reason though two people in love; if to the same sex, a purple person or themselves can not be married. New york has found a good middle ground in showing equal rights and i am proud of them. The constitution calls for equality, something this country freely disregards. It does not force a church nor clergy member to preform something that they don't personally or through their beliefs believe in. So yes, I am Christian. Yes, I believe in the bible. Yes, I am strong in my beliefs. And yes, i am for equality!!! I will NEVER fault anyone for what they believe in and i will never push on you my beliefs. BUT I i also will not allow you to systematically take my beliefs from me!!


Great Godly blogs to read

Melanie Chitwood - Magnetic Marriages

Happy Birthday Dad

On the 27th my dad turns 68. I am so beyond blessed that
he is here with us adding a great mix to how we raise
our children. He is def a third parent here.
Today I celebrate him!!!

We had a little get together of some of his
Friends and they played a Friendly game of poker.
A little 2-4 never hurt anyone !!!

The set up

Everything was card themed
with yummy pizza and snacks

Before the melted icing :)

I tried

Ending with jokes and laughter


Worry Is A Sin

Yes you read that right, worry is a sin. Recently i have been taking part in a bible study all about worry. At first i questioned how this could be. As a mom i worry when my children fall off their bikes, or when i cant pay a bill. Sometimes i even let this worry over take me. I lose sleep or become cranky. I even, sometimes, start a tiff with my husband just because i want him to be in the same mood i am. Simply no fun. I am in week four of this study; i still have questions and i am still learning. I do have to say though it is nice to have a answer to how to walk away from all this cranky - not - so nice way of life.

Some people tend to worry over different subjects. Some people have what they like to call, concern. When you truly sit and look at whatever it is you call it, it is all worry. What i have learned so far is; worry is a sin, call a sin a sin. When you begin to worry give your problems to Christ. With Him your worries will be taken care of. You may not get your answer right away, you may not get an answer you like or you may not even get an answer at all. But you have taken it off your shoulders and given it to Him just as He has asked. Yes its just that simple! We are all made to have a heart of flesh and to have concern and love for one another. Its when we think we can fix it all and when we stress over the issues at hand that cause us to step away from our relationship with God and our loved ones.

Your worry is actually something else all together. Sit for minute and ask yourself what you really are worried about. Take each worry and see what the underlining fear is. Does your worry break down to a want for control, embarrassment, anxiety or even fear in itself? Sometimes i fret that my children wont do well in school. This has many underlining fears, but mainly embarrassment. What will others think of me, that i cant afford high learning. Remember to give it all to God. That is what i am trying to do each time i have a worry.

As strong women, moms and wife's we tend to put a mask on of happiness when we are struggling with something. Worries can very easily takes us from what we would really love to do with our time. Each time you sit with God in time of quiet, meditation or prayer you are strengthening your relationship with Him. When you give up your worries and your fears to God you make more time for your family. Its all apart of a life in our journey with Him to learn as we go. His word means something different to each person who reads it each time they read it. But what he ask of us is simply. We just have to choose to follow it. He never said it would be easy but he said He would be there for us.

1 Peter 5:5-7 "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves, therefore under Gods mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

Psalm 19:14 "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer"

Matthew 12:34 "For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks"

Psalm 37:8 "Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret- it only causes harm"

Matthew 6:25 , Matthew 6;33, John 8:32

Check out this book for
more on this topic:


This Family of Mine

This is my little family.
My blessings beyond blessings.
I am grateful for each one of them.


Our Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July

celebrating with the Hollan family watching a fire works show

shooting off smalls poppers

"i think i can "

April -N- Havanna

my girls

my kids