Books Books Books

Books are a staple in my day to day life. I enjoy reading and writing them. Each person sees them in a different view. Some dont even read anymore or have stop reading actual books and have turned to an eReader. For me a good novel can make you disappear into a little world new and exciting with each story. Even yank at your heart or make you look over your shoulder with a good mystery or thriller.

Currently i am enthralled with many different types of books. Everything from romance (my quick read) to a suspense story. I enjoy the want of the next page and the need to know what will happen next. The feeling of knowing the characters as if they were my neighbors or someone who would stop in for tea. Reading is my way to relax to calm from a long day playing, cooking and hanging with my family. I spend many nights with out sleep because i just can not put a good story down.

What do you do to relax?? To end your day??? What interesting books could you recommend?? Never closed to a good recommendation.

Souper Salad .... and my long Weds

So as i have mentioned before my Hubs has school on weds nights. Making my day long!!!!!! These days they havent been to bad since he is home from work. But the nights are daddy time and the children dont want to give that up. I thought it would be nice to get them all out of the house and have a meal together at one of our favorite places. My children quickly cleaned up the toys and grabbed their sweaters and were ready to go in mere seconds after hearing about where we would be going.

Fast forward to pulling into the parking lot and looking for a spot close enough to the door (there wasnt any) so that it would be a little easier. I got all the children out and started my way across the parking lot to the restaurant and noticed one of the workers hurrying out. We will call him Mr. N. He waited for the cars to pass and came to help me walk my children across the little road. Then another worker, we will call her Mrs. P. was waiting at the door smiling calling the kids over to sit them at a table that was mind you already to go. The drinks for my kids and i were ready to go and they kept my children attentive while i gathered their food. By the time i came back the security lady, we will call her Ms. M. was sitting with the children making them laugh. Mr.N. was starting a quiet game for my children so that they would eat more then talk, Mrs. P. was asking each child how they were giving hugs.

Do i expect this service each time i go or at any other restaurant ?? NO ... But let me tell you i could never choose any where else. They made my long day fly by like it was the simplest part. As if having four children under 6 would be easy and that and being attentive all my own in public to each child is a cinch. I have to say i enjoyed my dinner having another adult sit and chat with me while my children i ate. Ms. M. stayed with us using her lunch time as a semi baby sitter when i need to take two to the restroom.

The whole point of this is that i am grateful. It made it so much easier on such a long day with out my hubs and a wonderful time with those i truly consider friends. If people tried at least half the amount of how they were with us.


The FAKE Housewife of .... a simple rant

So i am not a big tv person unless its a good classic or a fun family movie. But for some reason because all the hype surrounding them and the lack of anything else on the tube, i found my self watching a Real Housewife Of what ever reunion. I think i lost a hour or so of my life. One that i can get back. I found this to be a laugh and really sad all at the same time. Real Housewife my patootie. These shows all around the US in different cities depict such a non-realistic sense of a housewife.

The fact is i am a Real Housewife, i dont have a hair stylist nor makeup artist that comes each morning. From my understanding a housewife is one that keeps her own home, takes care of her own children and kind of has that soccer mom outlook. These women all have nannies when the show depicts most of them to be non working women. They have personal cooks and maids. I am still waiting to see the housewife in the show The Real Housewife.

I watched this caddy non realistic constant fight over he said she said childish crap. Women talking about what they are so proud of that they have left a legacy for their children. I am sorry, while i do not have a problem with Playboy nor those who pose for it, i have a large problem with a mother saying she did it to show her daughter "pure beauty" and that "this is what she can achieve". As a parent you want more for your children, posing nude shouldnt be one of them. Each person had me shaking my head in disbelief and the fact that so many people that i know enjoy this show leaves me speechless.

What to you is a Housewife? What to you do you think a mother should depict herself to be and teach her children? I personally dont think that this shows truly shows either and any answer any reader can come up with. Money plays a factor i know, but let me say i know "rich" mothers who still run there house hold, dont pose nude and think that it is a accomplishment to teach or strive for, and that dont indulge in constant drama.

So i am sure that i sound judgmental and rude. That i know that i dont know these women and that i could be totally off my rocker. But this is my opinion and i am tired of seeing shows depicting mothers, women and housewifes in such a caddy and so childish. I know i can turn off the tv and i know i dont have to watch this particular show. Yet i wish that those who make tv shows and those who come up with the ideas would think a little more first. Ratings are ratings right??



Today was a cherry on the topping. I have been told a few times this statement and each time it has rubbed me the wrong way. This is the first time i am writing about it because this is the first time i don't feel attacked by it.

A friend of mine and i were having a conversation and these words came up in it, "then your less of a believer". The fact is no Christian has a place saying this because being disobedient does not cause you to be "less of a believer". I didnt feel judged nor attacked but it was something that was pulling on my heart to write about so that others wont say this. No i am not writing this to stop from talking to my friend about it because i know she will read it right here. I love her as much now as i did before the conversation.

Here are a few of the facts, we were speaking of ones signature sin and i brought up what i feel mine is. I know my faults and dont hide them. While what i believe is not what is asked of us as Christians i am entitled to my beliefs/opinions. It may make me disobedient and even stubborn but deff not "less of a Christian". I know at one time in my life and walk in Christ i will come to a fork in the road when i have to go one way or another. This for isnt that time. Doesnt mean its because i am "new in my walk" or that i am a "baby Christian" it simply means its not a realization for me at this moment. The point is we are all disobedient and are not what we should be as Christians but are striving to be each and everyday. Not being perfect or not agreeing with every last thing does not knock you down a notch on the Christian "belt". I dont earn a color or a high mark for doing something someone else feels fits me as a Christian. It doesnt give me lack of knowledge nor the since of being less then but simply the fact that i have not reached my truth yet.

I can still remember the feeling of the first time someone told me im "less a Christian" because of what i think. We spoke about the devil and i told her i dont give credence to him in my home. I dont teach my children of him nor do i blame things on him. This is because i feel that God is a higher power and the devil has no control in my life. You dont have to agree with me by any means..... but it doesnt warrant someone telling me, "take it back or your not a true Christian".

So to those who find themselves talking with a friend or someone in need pay attention to what you say. Being disobedient does not make someone "less of a Christian" or "new to theyre walk" or even a "baby Christian" . It simply means that the have more to learn and take from Jesus when they pray and when you pray for them. Because if you can say any of those to someone you may need to look in the mirror. Does your own disobedience in not going to church or not praying enough or opening your home to those who are in need or not being kind enough or respecting your spouse or even not having fellowship make you "less of a Christian"? ( all examples and not pointing at any of my readers) NO you are simply disobedient.

So now that i have shared this i leave you with this thought something that was given to me to read and study and i ask you do the same.because to each person it might mean something different.

Search me, o God, and know my hear; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of everlasting.
Psalms 139: 23-24

For me this let me know i am no where near "less then a Christian" because he will pull me near and he knows my heart. He knows what i am thinking because he has seen it before i even do it. With this i know that my disobedience will lead me somewhere on my journey. A journey that not necessarily is "new" but that is continual.


50's Housewife Experiment - Where have i been

Where have i been you maybe asking. Well my computer farted on me over the past few weeks and i had to have it fixed. But i have kept up with the experiment sort of ...

So having my hubs home makes me very lazy. With that said i have over the past few weeks built some habits and learned that i need to build some more. I have kept up with the laundry and my fly cleaning. Which over the years has been one of my down falls. I have learned to eat the right way... well three meals a day which has help to get me to a healthier weight. I have stayed on tack with my connect groups by attending and not making excuses. I have had someone over regular opening my home in hospitality which isnt easy for me.

With all of this i have learned that i am lacking in my goal. By no means do i want to be perfect but i do want to perfect a few things. I see that when it comes to cleaning it isnt something that is at the top of my list. Since my hubs is home most of the days now i have sat back with a good book and watch him do the nightly quick clean. Not something i want. I would rather him rest after his day of doing, what ever it maybe. I have noticed that my father and my hubs have taken over cooking saying i need a break. Which is great every so often but i have gotten comfortable. Did i mention while its all very yummy my menu planning has gone out the window. I have not homeschool in the past two weeks simply because the school room is not in order. Its easier to shut the door. So these are all things that i would like to get back to !

Some people live differently and may read this and think, why am i complaining. I know i am blessed with a supportive hubs which i cherish but if i am not doing my "todo" list around the house, going about my day to day life the way i have planned it out and sticking to what i want out of life.... what am i doing with my time? At the moment not much.

So with each day is a fresh start and a chance to start new. Today i am starting new. My hubs is at school and i plan to have a delicious meal waiting for him when he gets home. I will be spending quality time with my children and yes staying off of facebook for the rest of the day !!!! (what an addiction to have a 140 character status update)

A Time Without

So for almost this whole month i have not had my computer. It has had a few things wrong with it. Last night it became usable again. I have to say, Mommy Hood is totally different when you are without outlets. A lesson very much needed for me to learn.

I know when ever i sit down to blog or play a game on line that it is time i have set down for myself. Does it always mean i will get that time? fat chance. These past few weeks when i had something special i wanted to blog about or maybe post a review i found myself a little frustrated. ( i had face book on my ipod) Which in turn i would kinda of put off on my children. I had to take a step back. I had to ask myself if there was no internet what would i be doing with my own time?

So these past two to three weeks i have been reading more, something i stopped doing for some reason. I have done more with the children along the lines of projects and quality time. I have started to work out more. Who couldn't benefit right. But most of all i have taken the time to see what i was lacking. I see that i haven't taken enough time each day with each child. That i haven't taken enough time to sit and read scriptures like i like doing. That i haven't take enough time to keep my home the way i want to.

Mommy hood isnt something we can take a break from. Even when we have our time set aside, there time still means more. As i sit and type this up i hear one of my children whining to get out of the play pin because his sisters are driving him crazy. I hear my oldest two girls pretending to be nurses and of course there little brother is who they are working on. And my youngest daughter daughter well she is calm watching her favorite show. For me i could be right there with them pretending to be the patient they are working on or cuddled up with my little monkey on the couch. Even saving my son from what ever the two little princess have come up with.

Mommy hood. A never ending yet totally fantastic way to live.


50's Housewife Experiment - past few days

So the past few days have been a little more then i have expected in many ways. Having the hubs home for most of this challenge was not expected. Having guest in for a week at a time was not expected. Draining is a good word for it. While i am doing this to find my way to a much needed habit, its become more hard because of all the "help" im getting.

My hubs is the type of man who would rather have you sleep in (by turning off your alarm clock or not waking you because you seem tired) and do it all for you. Which is something he does often. No ladies i am not complaining but its hard to make a habit when there is nothing left for you to do.

Having a friend in town was draining in many ways. I had tons of fun and already miss her. This is someone i have known half my life. But in between spiritual conco, late nights out on the town and early mornings with my children i am super tired.

So what have i been doing these past few days that i could possibly still count as that 50's Housewife. I have intentionally planned, of course stayed on top( somewhat ) on my flylady which is cleaning for those of you who dont speak flybaby. I have attended my connect group and have stayed on top of my weight watchers. Ooo ya i started that too. I have cooked dinner each night something new and something different for my family. Some were big hits a few were a lose.

So i know that i have been lacking off but i am jumping back on the "i need to get moving" moving train.

Zone 2- cleaning (deep cleaning) my kitchen
Laundry - 4 loads washed dried and folded
Dinner - try a new recipe
Homeschool lesson - with all three of the younger ones
Still working to organize and clean the school room (which seems to be a never ending project by the way)
devotional time (needed!!)
working out
project with the children
Homework with April

which i plan to get each and everyone done today. Today is my long day my hubs has school tonight so it will be a task. But i wont have anyone here to help me do it. :)


50's Housewife Experiment- Day 6

Today was very interesting. I woke up, got dressed from my head to my toes. I had a plan!! I woke up made my family their breakfast and sent April on her way to school. I knew i would be having a guest over for tea so i had to run my morning errands before i left. I set the children up with the morning lesson ( todays was your baby can read dvd1) and i did what i had to to get ready to go. The hubs tagged along to go shopping with me to get fabric for my craft of the day. I wanted to make an apron for me to use when cooking and washing up the dishes. I knew i wanted something very simple that i could throw in the washer if need be. No pockets no special lace just an apron. We found some wonderful clearance fabric and we headed off on our way.

Once i got home i took out my sewing machine and found that i was missing a part. I ran around town for about an hour or two and finally gave up letting my hubs find it for me. My guest would be coming soon and running around town would not be a good hostess now would it. I put the tea kettle on and made some finger sandwiches(which i forgot to take out when she got here) and when she arrived i poured some hot water and let her choose from an array of teas. We both chose Southern Peach and it was yummy. We drank our tea while talking over her weight watchers meeting. She asked for me to do it with her and since i am game to lose a few pounds i jumped on board.Having a warm cup of tea or maybe two while chatting with a friend is a a good start to my afternoon.

After wards we made a dash to the store so she could shop for her family. I picked up a few things as well as a copy of the weight watchers magazine. Once home i put away all of that was bought and set the hubs off to pick up April. I sat for my craft time and made my apron. I was happy to see that my hubs found the part i needed and i could jump right in. i was able to finish and even through in a second project too. It was fun to get back to that sort of crafting because i havent done it in so long. The finished project came close to what i wanted and i love that my hubs loved it. I knew i had to get cleaned up (things still have to be put away) because soccer practice was very soon. We headed out the door with time to spare.

At practice i was able to walk with a friend of mine for a brisk walk around the park. Which help me gain 2 extra points towards my total. It was a nice feeling being able to do a workout but in baby steps. I am not one to make my self want to cry. That will come later with the biggest loser work outs.After practice we came home and i got dinner started. I was playing hostess to a out town friend so it was a night out for the girls. Im sure that getting in so late wasnt smart but i will wake up early and finish my list from today and doing the last page of homework with my daughter.

Day 7 todo list
finish up yesterdays
zone clean
catch up on reading
prepare for the weekend


50's Housewife Experiment- Day five

Today was a step in the right way. This morning i woke up later then i wanted. I havent seemed to grasp the wake before my children. Since we have had a movie night almost every night this past month and a guest in town, sleep is a if i can squeeze it in type of thing. Once i woke up i got my little one ready for school and myself since i would be helping one of the teachers. I stay for about an hour before heading home to homeschool the two middle children. Which was fun watching them each know something knew that i didnt know they grasped on to.

It was time for Lunch at this point which my hubs had sweetly made while i was teaching. The youngest two and i had an appointment that even though should have been 15 mins took almost 2 hours. Once i got home it seemed like most of my day was gone but wanting to stay in a positive mind frame on my long day (the hubs has school till late at night) i pushed forward. I accomplished almost all of my todo list today and began on tomorrows. i started dinner, something new and different and i enjoyed some game night fun time with my dad.

Today i was looking forward to going into my church to help them clean and undeck the halls from the holidays. Since i promised myself to give my father a break from being grandpa day care ( he doesnt know that i made this promise) i could not leave until they were asleep. Well they are still awake. In bed but yes still awake.

I know some people are reading these post and thinking that none of this sounds very 50ish. I decided not to jump into the whole thing at once but work my way through this whole month to make new habits. I dont want to do and finish this experiment just to say that i did it . I would love to implement it in my day to day life. Its a learning process for me, one that may turn out harder or easier then i think. But one worth doing !

P.S. I will now be listing my to do list for next day each day as a form of accountability. I hope to get to them all but i am realistic about this all.

Day 6 - todo list
i will : {in no order}
bake something from scratch just because.
do the laundry iron and put away (2-3 loads)
stuffed chicken dinner
be a host to a guest at my home
soccer practice
help at my daughters school
devotional time
zone clean
work out
and of course blog :)

Trying new food

So i have noticed that my menu over the past few months have contained just about the same meals over and over again. My goal for the next week of menu planning (which i will be doing tonight) will be to have at least four different meals on my menu. I am using my Christmas present from a friend of mine, a Sandra lee cook book and some online recipes. I hope to extend my familys choices to different and new food. I also want to take this time to bring my oldest into the kitchen and start teaching her the basics of cooking. I think that this would be fun for her.

My children usually dont have a hard time eating the meals i put in front of them. So i hope changing up the menu isnt more of a challenge then fun. If you know of a good recipe send it my way :)


50's Housewife Experiment- Day four

Day four was something a little different. I was the guest of a friends at her home for a little craft time. I was able to make some beautiful cards to mail out to others. I had some refreshing girl talk and catch up time( even thought we see each other regularly) and we went over some need to read books. After wards i was off to go grocery shopping for my family. Restocking is never a fun shopping trip but it was much needed.

When i got home i put everything away and was really tired. Shopping is not on my list of fun things to do. But i ate lunch got everything put away and headed out of the door to pick up a out of town guest and played hostess around town for the night. I knew that i would be out a little late so i had a roast and veggies in the crock pot with mashed tots. Yummy !! After picking up my guest, an old time friend we headed to an apt. of mine.

My day pretty much ends with that. We stayed out pretty late winning money, laughing and talking about old times. I do have to say i will not be having another late night like that again. Or at least anytime so. I believe i have become a fan of sleep and i didnt get much. I know tomorrow will be a little hard energy wise with my hubs going to school and all. But i will push through and get at least half of the things on my todo list done.

Is the experiment getting hard yet?? not really its more of a "stick to it" type of thing then anything else. We will see what tomorrow brings!


50's Housewife Experiment- Day three

Day three .... well kind of. So i made this experiment 30 days in a 31 day month for a reason. I knew i would need at least one day to cheat :). Well today was that day. It snowed in Vegas. Thats right it did and i didnt want to get out of bed. My hubs had me sleep in, he got the children up and fed and my oldest dressed for her first day back to school. When i woke up got out of bed and dressed all i had to do was drive her to school .... life made simple i know.

Last night it snowed so i woke my children up at 11:20 to see it and at least throw a snow ball or two. April of course wanted to go back to sleep as soon as she got her fill of it all. Havanna surprisingly was wide awake and playful but went right back to sleep as soon as she laid down. The babies we kept asleep knowing they would stay up all night if we woke them. As for my dad and the hubs they turned in to crazy children throwing snow balls and yelling at (almost) the top of their lungs "snow!!!". Fun 20 mins!!!

I have been going on facebook a lot today and checking up on a friend i have been lifting in prayer. I used the internet to look up some preschool sites and hartcourt.com for my lesson plans and i also read a few blogs. All breaking the challenge i put before myself. I have also been texting which i have come to find is my one downfall through this because it sometimes is very useful !

Today i ran errands, paid bills, made my lesson plans and started on my childrens school room. We had that yummy homemade chili i made yesterday and i plan on having some scooped by the hubby ice cream while playing yahtzee tonight. Today was more of a laid back day ... a snow day :) so i can say it was life on easy street today.
Tomorrow i plan on getting back on track. Visiting a friend for some chat time, coming home to school the middle two, cleaning my zone and working out. In the mist of that i am going to steal a few moments to bake and start on dinner. I have a few appointments to keep tomorrow as well. Shopping will be done tonight to make my day a little smoother tomorrow.

It seems as though this will not be so hard. We shall see if i change my tune tomorrow :)


50's Housewife Experiment-Day two

Day two and let me tell you ... no easy task. In between fighting frustration, the lack of facebook usage and the fact that i had to take down christmas all by my self just was no fun. Sundays i do intentional planning and today was no different. I found out that i will not be making breakfast for my family the remaining Sundays, i think they rather a warm breakfast. Nor will i be getting my children dressed. Since we have church pretty much right after i get home i have to leave that in my capable hubbies hands.

Today i woke up at 5:15 and gathered my things to plan my week. This included things for my menu planning and devotional reading. Once i got to my meeting with my dear friend we got to business. The time seem to short to be honest. I headed home and sent my family off to church but not happily. I felt like i was being left alone to prepare for school for my oldest and put my home back together after the holidays. Not fair. But i had to realize my choice to stay home may not be that of my family's.

I took down, washed, boxed and put away anything and everything christmas. That was actually a relief to have done ! I unpacked and put away all of the vacation stuff that we took with us and all the goodies we brought back. Put away all the Christmas gifts that were spread around my living room and cleaned up my kitchen table. That was pretty much it.

I played hostess to a few guest that came by, treating them to some homemade tamales that i made New Years Eve. As a family we decided to go out to eat. Yes i know against my own little rules. But a girl can not say no to her hubs now can she. I still cooked though making homemade chili to thank some friends of ours for watching our dog over our vacation. So i only half broke my rule :)

Now i am off to clean my childrens school room that seems to have never been fully finished when we moved in. I will be taking pictures of it and posting that in a future post. This experiment is way more challenging then i thought it would be and i am sure with a few days that it will get easier and easier even though each day will have more and more task.


50's House wife - Day 1

Knowing that my family and i would be out of town and not wanting to postpone this experiment i planned ahead of time. I knew that visiting in someone else's home i would not be able to do all that i wanted to do. I also knew that i would not be in my home to do what i will joyfully call my to do list.

Over the last week i cleaned out a few things and got rid of some clutter. I made a menu, a to do list and a a goal list for myself for the upcoming week.

This morning i woke before everyone and took the time to be showered and dressed. I put together what my children would be wearing on the way home and took the time to do my devotional time.

I packed a lunch to go on the road so that we would not have to stop along the way. I made a few road games for the children to enjoy and i have pre- loaded our iPod with music for my husband to enjoy so his drive will be easier.

While i was unable to do all the things i wanted to do on my first day i was able to enjoy the things i did do. Which was very important to me.