My New Years Resolutions

This 2011 I dont have any. I always seem to make them and never follow through. This year i have goals. I have things i would love to do and things that i want to complete. I know that life happens and i dont want to put a limit on my goals for one year. I know there are a few things that i can get done in a few days or weeks like my school room repainting the outside of the house and redoing my laundry room. Then there are those goals that i have that i have no clue when i will accomplish them. Like learning more of my faith and memorizing scripture. To starting up a business and even finishing school .

For those of you sticking to your New Years Resolutions, i hope that you take major leaps in completing each one of them!! So with that i am off to eat my homemade tamales and drink my apple cider while enjoying my family. I hope you all have a special one and know that i am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The Year In Review -- 2010

It was a fun 2010 if i say so myself.
I was thinking about talking about all the things that
have happened in the world. Yet i didnt think it
would be fitting since all i can think of is what has happened
in my children's life's.So i will just take a min to talk
about all the fun stuff that has happened in
their life's and my hubs and mine.

My children all grew a year older.
April: Excelled in kinder and is enjoying first grade.
Earning perfect attendance in both grades and in
first grade earning AB honor roll as well as other
awards. She excelled in her reading levels
and is enjoying her math.

Havanna: Ready to go to school she counted down to
her 5th birthday. She is excited to go to school.
Havanna has learned her ABC's, the sounds and
recognition. Havanna is learning to read and is teaching
her self a ton of gymnastic moves.

Tatiana: A smart little chickie, has learned how to count to 35,
her ABC's and her shapes. She enjoy watching PBS Sprout
and playing with her big sisters. After starting a new
church she became very comfortable in her class
learning many new things.

Cristofer: Walk and running like a mad man, he has gotten
so big. He is almost fully talking and is a goof ball.
Cristofer can count to 10 and knows his
ABC song. He is in love with the wiggles.

As for my hubs and i we are very blessed to have
bought a home with my father, who
has blessed us with moving to vegas to be with us.
We have our ups and downs with work but
can say it is all for a great higher plan.
I have helped at the school for most of the year.
Erik is doing great in school, and is closer to attain
his degree. I played softball for my churches tam and learned
its not like riding a bike. You cant just hop back on :)
but it was super fun. We started at
a new church and met many new people that have
become a bigpart of our life's. Coming in 2011 April
will be getting baptized.
We lost a family member this past year
and i have to say that in the year to come
we know he will be looking down on us.

So that is the basic year of my family. We have had our
smiles and our tears. We have looked forward to tomorrow
and wanted to go back to yesterday. I can truly say that
we are looking forward to this new year. A fresh
start a new 365 days to live our life's.

Happy New Years


What a day in my life of a 50's Housewife will be like

The typical day will pretty much be the same each day. There are things that need to be done each day, things that i might now be falling behind on for what ever clever excuse i can come up with. I know that there are few ladies doing this with me so i thought i would share what my day will look like for the most part. I can guarantee i wont list everything simply because these days have yet to come about yet. This might give you another out look to why i am doing this and what habits i hope to take from this little experiment. Well we can just call it a challenge.

May day will typically start around 4:30 or 5 am depending on what my day holds for me.

-I will be waking up 2-3 hours before my family to shower dress fully and have devotional time. I will then start on a hot breakfast( 2-3 hot meals a day) and wake my children to dress with the clothing that i took out the night before.

-While everyone is eating i will be washing up the kitchen cleaning as i go of course to make my day a little more easier.

- On a school day i will be going over anything with my child that is needed for that day of school.

- While my oldest is going over sight words or reading i will be setting up the younger three with Your Baby Can Read (yes it works) and making lunch for the children and for my oldest to take to school

- After spending about 20- 45 mins at the school i will be coming home to do homeschool with the three youngest.

- We will sit for lunch and wash up for nap time.

-While the children are asleep i will be doing my zone cleaning for that day (flylady) and preparing for dinner.

-Towards the end of nap time i will take about 20 -30 mins for my self to relax or work out depending which day it is.

- We will have afternoon snack and wash up for free play

- Will be picking up my oldest from school and coming home to do homework.

- During the remaining time of free play i will get dinner finished up and the table set. Washing up and looking suitable for my husband.

- I will start my before bedtime routine with my family once dinner is finished.

- After prayers and story time children will be sent to bed. I will take time out to listen to my husbands day listening adoringly as i would want him to listen to me.

- I will prepare for the next day and take some time out for my self before going to bed.

Now each day will most likely have added task such as hobby time with friends, get together's, dinners and field trips. My days before this have been pretty non stop with a lot of laziness so i think it is about time to get off my tush. Each person and home runs things differently, mine is more Christ driven then anything which is why i have taken time to have devotional time. I have a very supportive husband who when i am not up to doing something will pick up the slack. Whether he has worked a ten hour day or has had a day off. I gather it is time for me to show appreciation back :)


Housewife ... 50's style - what will i be doing

The 50's Housewife Experiment

I spoke about this a few days ago and have been thinking about it for a while now. I have always wished to be back in the 50's, living the lifestyle of a true housewife. Not one from what ever popular tv show is out but a true blue housewife. The one that is up cheerful hours before her family fully dressed and cooking away. The one who kisses her husband goodbye at the door waving till his car is no longer in site and when he returns has a clean home, hot food and a smile for him. Why you ask, simple ... why not. I am always telling people i believe a woman belongs in the home serving her family. Now wait before you jump down my throat... i feel the job of keeping a home is one of the most important right after raising children, so when i use the word serving i mean working hard at something you should take pride in.

My goal from this little experiment for the next 30 days is basically to put my money where my mouth is and take my foot out of it. I want to be that wife/mom i am always talking about. Having that spotless home (a challenge all in its own with four children) and being that chick who is doing something. I so often find my self sitting on a couch because the home is clean "enough". I dont want that.

How it will work:


Even though rockabilly was once my style, it has kind of disappeared out of my closet so i will be doing my best to stick to it. This means being dressed before my hubs awakes and staying kept through the day at the very least. My style will slowly work it self back in to my life.

New age stuff-

The computer and cell phone has become a major part of my life. For this experiment i will be cutting down 90%. Meaning, if i receive an email i will read it but please include your address because i will be writing back to you... yes snail mail. I will only be using my computer for blogging, business (there are a few things that will have to be taken care of while in this experiment) and a few personal things. Facebook will be on limited use for the time of the experiment. Cell phone use will be cute down and used as a house phone (i will have my phone on me at all times for emergency reasons) and i will not pick up while out of the home.


While i will not be changing the menu to a full 50's style menu, i will be making some changes. We will not be dinning out at all during this experiment which will be hard in itself. Lunches will be packed and dinners will be home cooked.

Day to Day life-

My day at the moment is filled with pretty much a lot of laziness. Yes i can admit that. My day will revolve around serving God, keeping my home, training up my children and being a extra special wife. I will spend my time according to those needs using my free time to do a few different hobbies and spend with family. I will be hosting different type of things at my home during this time. Learning to be more hospitable.

Faith and Christianity -

For me this little experiment isnt just to change my look or play a part for a few days. This is a well design time period that will develop habits for myself. One of the habits that i want to have as part of my daily life is my faith. I want to get into the habit of reading my bible and devotional each morning. I want to install this into my children and i would love to become stronger in the knowledge of my faith. These are the true reasons for this experiment.

That is pretty much it. I dont expect my family to comply to any of this because it simply is a challenge for me. My hubs is very supportive in everything i do and i am sure that he will be in this too. I look forward to getting back to what i have always said my routes were. I look forward to seeing if this is something that i can accomplish in this day and age. This is not only a test of determination but a test of willingness. In this coming year of 2011 women can do anything. They can go anywhere. With that understanding i want to take more pride in my task each day one at a time in my home.

Check back and see my results. They should be interesting at the very least.

Tis the season - Merry Christmas

"Christmas is the only holiday that is a season." This said to me by my pastor the Sunday before Christmas. It got me thinking. This truly is the only holiday that is not celebrated over a day or so. We give to this holiday a season. For most, Christmas starts on the night of or the day after thanksgiving. Most shoppers find black friday the day to start shopping. Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, decorations are in the store fronts and you kids start writing their Christmas letters to Santa.

After listening to this hour long sermon about the "holiday season" and the need for "joy" it was kind of stuck in my mind. We celebrate Christmas as a 30 + holiday, being a little kinder and a little friendlier each day as we grow closer to The 25th. We should always take a step back from the commercial part of this holiday and remember this:

Christmas isn't or shouldn't be the time to want and receive. It should be a time of joy and giving. While we celebrate we should be thinking of the meaning of this holiday. The celebration of a birth. The joy and excitement of Jesus. While it is great to get a ton of presents and beautiful cards, we should remember what started this holiday to begin with. You may not believe that this is the day, the birth of Jesus but it is the worlds designated time to celebrate Him in all his glory.

Take a moment to look at your full (or empty tree depending on what time your children awoke this morning) tree, what feeling do you have? Is it one of, its over time to clean up... or one of joy because of the smiles and laughter.

I set out on writing this great and all knowing post of what Christmas is really about. But truly the only thing i can share with you today is that i am smiling. I am happy to see the amount of joy in my childrens eyes. The laughter from getting a ribbon stuck to their sleeve(happens ever year). I am simply filled with joy. Something i most defiantly prayed for this past week.

Christmas this year is about being happy. Counting your blessing and saying thank you. Praising the Lord. Understanding that everything might not mean you have it all but that everything you have is all you need.

Remember these few scriptures over the next few days. As the hustle and bustle calms to a low roar and the holiday season comes close to an end.

Psalms 149:4
1 Timothy 4:12
Psalms 9:2
John 15:17

Merry Christmas from my family to all of yours
Mom of For The Love Of 4


My Christmas eve Prayer

A prayer for my sweet angel. I know he is watching over my 4 children. Being playful and having fun where ever is little heart may be. Klassic , my nephew would have been 3 today. Tragically we lost him a few months ago. Something i still feel i am dealing with. God called for him. I don't know his plan but he had a need for this sweet angel. I just wanted to wish him a very sweet Birthday. We love and miss you and can feel you looking down on us!!


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Cookie Party gone crazy

It was a blast!! The children all had fun making snowman
cookies that turned there teeth blue and there fingers a
rainbow of colors. They had fun making card for family
members and play a few games. It was amazing time
with amazing people.

Cookies that we baked

There were so many yummy cookies.
I left with 6 dozen all different kinds.
Here's one of the batches we got to take
home that was in a very cute Hersey's box.
The idea behind the whole party


My Majic Mom - Making a list

I wanted to share this post with you because i thought it was the cutest thing ever. This to me is what Christmas is all about... the moments.

My Magic Mom Button

Making a List

December 18, 2010

Just before we left for vacation, I found that Katelyn made a list of stuff we needed to get done or “It just wouldn’t be Christmas.” I looked at the list and wasn’t sure where she got some of the ideas, but figured they were standard things, so we would probably get her list finished. She was pretty adamant that we keep checking off things on her to do list that day.

Luckily enough for us, we already did some of the list and other list items were scheduled errands we needed to finish before leaving for our trip. Later that day, Katelyn told me we needed to go cut some branches off the trees outside. I was busy getting packed and wasn’t sure why this child thought we needed to cut off the branches. So she whips out her list and tells me we need to trim the tree.

Turns out she got the list off a word search puzzle from school.

I hope you guys are getting your lists finished and can settle down to enjoy the holidays!

A day filled with baking

Time to bake for a cookie party with friends. Tomorrow my oldest two will be attending a party with a few friends of theirs. So today we will be taking some time to make a few different cookies. Mommy and me time, something which is well needed. I have my oldest home for 2 whole weeks and plan on using this time with her wisely.

Some of the cookies we are thinking of baking are; thumb prints, chocolate chip, peacon mint rolls, shortbread cookies, rain dear express pretzels and maybe even some peanut butter chocolate dip yum yums. All of these being home made of course. I am letting the girls pick which they would like to bake since it is their party. I am sure i will get to taste some yummy cookies through out the day. I will post so photos of the finished cookies once we are done.


The 50's Housewife Experiment

I am always talking about the type of chick i am and what i believe a womans place is. Its time to words to action. I will be starting a little experiment to see if i can really live up to the true 50's housewife. There have been a few blogger's who have done this in there own way, each fun and great to read. I will be taking my own approach to it and challenging myself in different areas.

My style before marrying my hubs was rockabilly (pinup style) and i had rules for my self when it came to keeping my home. I have found while i still believe in the 50's type morals and beliefs, i have fallen away from it all. This is still in its planning stages and probably and i look forward to the end result of what i come up with.

Its time to put my money where my mouth is !!

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Christmas Party - dude santa was even there

Last night my hubs and i attended a Christmas party with a few other couples from our church. We got dressy and headed over in our festive holiday colors. (we took picture in the car and so they are a little dark ) I have to say being a part of a great group of people can only make you feel welcomed and loved. We partied like rock stars for a few hours. Great food, fun festive drinks and the games was the best. Even though my blanket was stolen not once but twice and i was the victim of my gift being taken away twice :o) i had fun. The hubs mingled and i chatted it up.

During the holiday season it isnt what you get under the tree that matters, but who you spend these fun festive holidays with. It was fantastically fun and i look forward to it next year!!

Snuggle Bugzzz Winners

Good Morning. I knew it would take a min to pick the winners for this 6 winner giveaway. Because eaach winner could only win once it took longer using Random.org to make sure that each winner only one once. There were 71 entries between 8 people. Hope you all enjoy!

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The never ending day of mommy of 4

So i found myself ready to go today. Wanting to catch up on all that i missed and get my house back into order after being ill for over a week. I know that i am one lucky lady with the type of hubs that i have. He kept up on things after working long days, kept the kids active and took care of me. I know there wont be much for me to catch up on except for the regular stuff.

Today i need to do five loads of laundry : wash fold and put them away, clean the kitchen, living room and straighten the children's rooms. I will be doing a lesson with the children, music time and reading. That only leaves getting dinner ready and preparing lunch for everyone. In between all of that i will be starting on my New Testament in 30 days challenge (look for the post and button to come with it), and finishing my Christmas cards. This year i am keeping them simply so making them wont take up to much time. With all of this i will be taking my oldest to soccer practice and getting ready for date night tonight.

I found myself looking forward to this challenge of getting my to-do list done today. This maybe a overload to some but simply a day in the life for me. I think on days like this when i am so full of energy i have lost half of my mind. Why? Well i wouldn't want to be living any other way. I have been blessed and i am so thankful for it.

So tell me about a day in your life. Share what a fantastic mother and wife you are !

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Sorry readers i have been Missing In Action. I fell ill this past week. I got sick on Thursday of last week and it went all the way through Monday. I just wanted to make a little note to you all about why i haven't been on and why i haven't posted the weekly blog hop. I wanted to say thank you to Marcie over @ Obviously Marvelous for all the support and work she put in on the blog hop these last two weeks.

I will be posting the links to the blog hops for the respected day they were supposed to be posted so that you can look over the great blogs that joined. Thank you for supporting for the love of 4 while i have been away!!!