Friendship without conditions

I have to say that meeting new people may not always be fun but it is always needed. I have been blessed to have so many people enter my life that have so much guidance. I have a tendency to either share to much or not enough with people, leaving them ify on wanting a friendship. So being able to talk openly with others and not have to worry about judgment is awesome.

Of course we had our games and they were super fun. Right before and during the first game i got to speak with one of the chicks on my team. She wanted to know a little about me and asked me a few questions. She had no judgment just encouragement. She took the good of me with the bad of me and helped me to see that i might be leaning more to the better side of me then i think. I look forward to getting to know her better.

But wait it doesn't end there ... i know me finding more then one person i like in one month....

We all went out to eat and enjoyed each others company. I wanted to share with a new friend of mine that i found my desks because she was so sweet to offer me hers ( i have been on a treasure hunt for awhile) and so they asked if i home schooled. I shared with them, they shared with me and it left me with a few questions. It was comforting to hear what they had to say. That they had some of the same concerns that i have. That they had a few answers and solutions to my issue. I am not sure if i will be sticking with public school, if i will be full time homeschooling or if i will try the private school route. But hearing from all three spectrum's opened my eyes more.

I have a few things to talk about with the hubs. I have a lot to pray about and i have a lot to think about. Like they had suggested, prayer will answer a lot for me. So i just had to share about the great fellowship that is continuously being sent my way. I prayed for it and its happening ... now it is just a matter of letting it take its course.


Halloween - But for real this time

So i have been celebrating Halloween for as long as i could remember. It is my favorite holiday. So having children and knowing that i get to pass my love of the fun side of Halloween on made it even more exciting. For the past 6 years i have been picking out or having the finial word in the costumes kids would ware. This year i let the kids pick them
( last year really because we shopped for them last year) so that it would be their fun ideas.

Well i was not going to put April's costume on for school for many reasons and so i had a back up plan. I bought the little $5 pack of cat ears with matching tail last year for 75% off. I figured come closer to Halloween i would get her a special shirt and do her hair all wild. Add the ears and its a semi costume.

So come this morning, Halloween party day at school and its time to get her ready. She says to me, " mom i so do not want a silly hair do". I think to myself when did she start talking like a valley girl. She continues by saying," can we just do something fun?" I don't know what she thought i had planned. I know i wanted to spray paint her hair different colors but i was not sure how easy it was to wash out. so we stuck with a regular high bun and the ears. At the end she loved how it looked and was happy she didn't look "silly".

Halloween is so real to me now. Its not about the free candy and time with my friends. Its about watching my children smile as they get dressed up as either their favorite character or silly idea of some sort. Its so cool to see their imagination at work to the fullest and know that they will have a blast.

I have to say i look at Halloween different now and i cant wait to watch them trick or treat. They all can walk and they all will be dressed up. I simply am looking forward to this Halloween and years to come.


8 years ... what it is like

So yesterday was my 8 year anniversary with my hubs. He surprised me with a night out. Our first well real date since we have had kids. He took me to Chilis to eat some yummy yummy food. It being his first time there he basically let me pick everything. It was nice to talk over dinner and not have yelling babies to have to talk over. It was nice being able to have that time with him. I think it was very much needed.

8 years doesnt seem like much if you were me. I met my hubs young and we knew we were it for each other. Once we were in a serious relationship there was no separating us. We moved in with each other after 6 months. Married after one year and with baby not to long after that. But every morning i wake up like we just started to date. Our love stays fresh and my admiration for him grows each day.

I have to say that everyday that i am with him seems like the first. Don't get me wrong we have our ups and downs and we don't always get along but it is so worth it to be with a man like him. I simply love him and i know i am blessed to have him in my life.

So happy weds. I hope you all have a joyous one !!!


Identity in Mommyhood- well in life too

Looking for and finally finding a church for my family and i has been a project all in its own. I have had this view of what i thought it should be and what i wanted from one. While my old church was a great one with a great message and wonderful people, it just wasn't what i knew i wanted. So we stopped going. My youngest two didn't want to stay in the play rooms and my oldest two thought it was more of a play date then a learning experience. Its hard to always be the one who gets everyone up and moving when your not enjoying it yourself. I have been working on me and getting back to whom i use to be. Knowing that with four kids, a house to help run and a busy life style it isn't always easy. Finding my identity would be just as important.

Lets back track a little:
My hubs buddy came over for a BBQ and asked if i would join him on his church softball team. I thought ... Softball ... fun ... lets go for it. When i went to the first try out i felt like i could make a few friends. Great people lots of fun and of course something to do that was for myself. I asked about his church and for some reason got the impression there wasn't a child care. So i felt and said to myself, "well this wouldn't be the church for me". My hubs and i talked about checking it out one at a time but in the long run we wouldn't be able to attend. So i settled with just being a part of the team.

Fast forward to last weeks game:
The team wanted to meet up at taco bell after the game, so me and my dad went to join in on the after game convo and yummy food. Some how the conversation went from the game and what we could do different next game to church. I didn't think that the pastors had a child because he wasn't at the practices. But at that nights game he was there. So i thought and asked well where does he go during church if you don't have a day care?? They said that they had one and one of the the teachers was there at taco bell. Well we talked about my children being hesitant and not wanting to attend and they encourage me to try it out.

Fast forward to last sunday:
We went to church all excited to get back. My children instantly fell in love with the welcoming rooms and people. I felt at ease knowing i would have a few friends from the team there and that i was getting to meet new people. That is when it hit me. Belonging to and wanting to be a part of this community of people. The message was not being told to us but taught to us. Knowing your identity. Living by the word of Christ. I took away a lot that day and felt i found what i needed.

My identity has always been questioned. I have always questioned me. Knowing what you should be and want to be is a lot different from just doing it and living it. I was the popular girl, the one many wished to be ( and still try to be). I at times seem like i have it all and have it all down pack. The truth of the matter is i am always trying to appease people and make others feel comfortable. If they aren't religious i usually try not to speak of my beliefs. I rather play the "socially accepted" cool person instead of being just me. I am the type who truly doesn't care what others think but at the same time i know that i do.

I learned this past weekend what is truly important to me. My identity is that of which i make it and that i can no longer let those make it for me. I am a Christian and will start living by His word. If those around me cant handle me knowing my identity...well it is simply their choice. As a mother it is important to show my children that i know who i am and that it is important to be comfortable in my own skin. Don't question yourself because of what others want you to be. Being "socially cool" is not always the rode to take and i am learning that. Faith is important! Its not only for your prayers and your beliefs, but as well as for in yourself.

So my point is this, my identity is in Him. I will not be ashamed of who i am and what i believe. i will always struggle to live up to the Lord and i will sin, im sure. But know, I have been forgiven and have been sanctified. God does not need me i am in need of him. I WILL stand up in my identity and I WILL NOT back off of who i am in his light.

Ephesians 4:21-24
21If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus: 22That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;
23And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

24And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.


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My First Award - super excited

“Versatile Blogger Award“

Today i received my first award.I thought that it was sweet to be thought of. So i am posting it and sending it to a few other bloggers.

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7 Things about fortheloveof4

1. I love reading any and all books.
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3. I play softball.
4. I have been married for almost 8 years.
5. Baking is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen.
6. I wish it would rain everyday.
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~For The Love Of 4~

I'm Claudia from For The Love Of 4. My blog is filled with funny stories, loving moments and great reviews. I am a mother to 4 wonderfully blessed sanity suckers and a wife to my hubs of 8 years. Stop by take a look and say hello.


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Handcrafted By Heart Review and Giveaway

Handcrafted By Heart by Kelly Good is a wonderful handcrafted blog that i thought had some great cards. A Stay at home mom with a passion for making beautiful creations, decided she would share her love of everything handcrafted with the blogging world. Handcrafted By Heart launched Sept 22 of this year and has gained many followers. With holiday, occasion and stationary you cant go wrong. Specialty cards are also something she makes which is what i am reviewing today.

While i am a crafter myself, i have been super busy lately with family, school and blog related things. Finding Handcrafted By Heart was an answer to this for me. I contacted Kelly and let her know that i needed some thank you cards. She asked me a few questions about what i was looking for and it was off from there. Kelly made them pretty fast and i was able to see them finished on her blog. So i was looking forward to getting them in the mail.

Having these beautiful handcrafted cards to give to those that i was thinking of was great. I found that the card stock was great quality. I loved the many different layers of decor on them and the sentiment was exactly what i need to say to those i was sending it to. I am looking forward to the response from the people i send them to. I am sure they will feel even more special knowing it was handcrafted, Handcrafted By Heart that is.

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Python Printable Games Review

Python printable United States Trivia Pack and Printable Halloween Games are a fun and inexpensive way to have family fun . Its as simple as adding paper and pushing print. The products are delivered by encrypted download. Once a customer pays, they receive an email link to their download page. This allows for fast and simply fun with no lines to wait in. Only $19.95 for each individual pack equals hours of fun at the tip of your fingers

I found that my kids loved the coloring pages the most. I simply download the files, picked what we wanted to do for that particular project time and fun we had. Havanna found that the coloring pages were different and fun to color. These made for great homemade Halloween decor for the house. The 50 state pack is something i am looking forward to the most as a mom because it will be not only fun learning for my kids but also great for school projects.

Buy it
Halloween Game Pack
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50 States Fun Pack
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This Product Was a Free Giveaway

This Product Was a Free Giveaway


FMBT - blog hopping on a tues.


So i thought it would be lots of fun to get back into blog hopping once a day. Knowing i will have a jam packed morning i will be posting this now. I look forward to the new blogs that i will find and catching up on some of the ones i already follow. So happy tues. everyone, enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Monday Madness - just on a smaller scale

After a full day of being out and about away from my family, i have a lot to catch up on today. Its back to mommy world as i know it with daily to-do list and homeschooling. I know that i am looking forward to my hubs coming home to get a big old hug!! I am trying to get all my wifey duties done in hopes of stopping by a friends house to make some much needed cards and have a catch up chat... i miss her. Then its more reading about some new companies. I love that i have this opportunity and cant wait to give it my best.

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

So here is the Blog hop that i joined in on today. Enjoy it , Join it and meet some new bloggers... remember we each have something to share and would love to share it with you.


im home - what an experience

I have to first say a big thank you to
The ABC Kids Expo!!! Of course a big thank you to Obviously MARvelous for doing this with me. The most important thank you goes to all the wonderful companies that i met with. I am thinking about going back Wednesday to meet with a few more.

So let me tell you about the experience now that i am home and enjoying my family and football highlights. So i walk in and i register, and i cant help but peek in to the massive show room and i get excited. Once done registering we walk up to the Media Room to look over the companies who have set something up for media like myself to grab information. There were many samples and new products that i cant wait to tell you about. We took a trip to the car and dropped off all the wonderful information we got so it would be easier to get through the 1,000,000 sq ft expo.

We walk in to an amazement of interesting new and creative products. I really didnt know where to start. The goal of my blog is more of a personal one. Yet i have a need to bring to anyone that i can truthful and useful reviews. Seeing these companies and what they had to offer cemented that i would do reviews. I hit most of my appointments and some of my blogging buddy's too. There were many companies that i couldnt walk past and some that i am so sad that i didnt get to stop at.

Everyone was so kind and eager to learn about my blog and what it meant to me. 6pm came so fast that i was sad to have to leave. Tonight i plan to read through all the information, answer and send emails and also right a review of the expo it self. I am sure that this will be a topic for a while and there will be a lot of information to share with you guys. Dont forget .... There will be lots of reviews, reviews and giveaways and links to giveaways going on now such as Joovy giveaway on Facebook going on now. Jump over and enter.

So i am going to give my kiddos millions of kisses and hugs as i put them to bed today. I miss them so much!!! Then i will be grabbing my blanket, a warm cup of tea and all the PR info to go through to bring you all the information that i can, so tomorrow look out for the information post's. In the coming week or so i will have a list of Product reviews that i will be doing.

two moms bringing you all the information!!

The ABC Kids Expo - a little over view

While sitting here at the trade show taking a little break, i thought it would be great to tell you about some of the companies i got to sit with. I had the pleasure of meeting so many owners, founders and creators that i look forward to writing all my reviews.

So here are some of the companies that stick out at the moment. There will be deff more to come later so no worries.

No Slippy Hair Clip
Apple Park
The Strawlution
Ems 4 kids

believe me these are just a few of the great companies i will be talking about. keep a look out for the info coming soon !!!


Left Behind - the book series

This is not so much a review, its more of a realization. I know i know i have been saying that a lot. Yet it is true, i have had a lot of them lately and i am sure that i will have more very soon. Ok so back to the reason for this post.

So i am a Christian !! Sometimes i may not act like it or say it out loud but i am. It was brought to my attention that a lot of the books i read are kind of like female porn. While men watch videos and fantasize about those women, women read about romances and fantasy men that are hard for our husbands to measure up to. So i am trying to switch the type of books i read to something less distracting from what i am trying to build and closer to reality. Now by no means am i saying that those types of books are bad, because i am sure if i am in need of a good romance story i wont hesitate to read one. This is more of a goal for me to see if i can accomplish a small change.

So i have started to read Christian fiction. Interesting to say the least. The series i am reading right now is called The Left Behind Series. Its about Christ second coming and the Rapture of the church. Let me tell you ... this series has me rethinking how i look at my faith. How silly i have been to hide my feelings, question something to fit in and to let others over ride my feelings to simply keep things normal (for lack of a better word).

I am enjoying my new found respect and need of learning in my faith. I feel a little silly that it took a book to do it for me. But there will be no hiding behind the cool thing to do and there will be no doubt nor quietness. I am a Christian, i am looking forward to going home to my father and i will continually try to better my self. Does this mean i am better then a non believer... NO ... Does it mean that i will have a better life... NO... but i now do have an understanding.

So with this comes my goals...

i would like to cut out unnecessary bad language... not only for a leadership role in front of my children but as well is i dont think my hubs finds it sexy me talking like a truck driver.

yelling ... i yell a lot and for no reason sometimes. so my goal is to cute that out all together as well.

so there is my realization !!!! and as McD's would say ... IM LOVIN' IT


follow friday - blog hopping my way to friendship

stop by and join in yourself. have some fun find
some new blogs and starts some friendships.

im still young but oh so old

i may only be 26 and in the beginning of my life, but let me tell you that i am oh so old. so not only did i in a earlier post talk about a almost 20 year old game that i loved playing but im in bed in pain. I joined a church softball team because i use to play in highschool and thought it would be great exercise. well first practice/tryout comes about and i am being praised left and right for how good of an arm i have and how well i can hit. with the way they are talking i figure its a shoe in that i will be playing.so now comes the second practice where i couldnt run, you may want to know 20 mins into practice my new cleats tore up the back of my feet. so i am practicing for almost 3 hours in socks. i didnt do to bad but i didnt run much because i didnt feel like eating dirt.

now fast forward to the game last night. a double header and 2 hours long. my new new cleats are fitting great and i have taped padding over the cuts. i go out to center right and im getting the ball for the most part and throwing it in to my cut off. not bad im doing ok. then i get in filled and i swing, hit and get caught out. this happens for a few innings. then my hubs showed up second game to support me. and i changed bats and boom i crack it. a 3 base hit, would have went in for a home run but soft pitch you cant steal or slide. i would have had to slide to make it in. next batter hits im off running hit home base and the other person was out so now to the out field we go. and i feel it .....im old!

i felt like my body was going to fall apart. since i didnt have to run in practice i forgot how much it takes to sprint. i run after my children all day everyday but let me tell you .... this hurt. i push through and play the remainder of the game which has left me in my bed typing to you. i am lucky April has no school today because i dont think i could get up to take her. even though i am in pain i am smiling because that was so much fun !!!


ABC Kids Expo Las Vegas 2010

So a friend of mine was invited to attend the 2010
ABC Kids Expo
this coming weekend.
Of course being the great friend that she is,
she thought about me and shortly after i
received an invite as well.

The ABC Kids Expo is the primary trade show
for the juvenile product industry.
This trade show was founded as a partnership between
manufactures, they're supporters and the independent retailers
to promote and over growth, education and opportunities
in this industry.

Why am i excited? Well this is a closed show with
limited invites. I have been invited as a media/blogger to review
and bring to my readers the up and coming,
new and useful products for us moms.
There will be a blogging Bistro for me to sit and blog while
at the show. So stay tuned for post as i see it.
I will be attending the 10th so it wont be to long of
a wait for you all to see whats coming out.

So of course a major thanks to the ABC Kids Expo
and Obviously MARvelous for the opportunity.

some of what is being offered there:

Apparel / Layette Gifts / Room D├ęcor
Baby Gear Furniture / Bedding
Nursing / Feeding Toys/Games/Book/AV
Baby Care / Safety Products Service Providers


one of those moments - one that make you smile

So after helping out in my daughters school, i had to go to the store and pick up what has become my regular 3 times a week run.... Milk. I go about my shopping gathering what i need and of course a few things that i don't {{ a book, some sweets and a soda }} and head out to the car. As i am walking out there is this older man with his table giving paper flowers for a donation, a veteran.

But this time he was not sitting in his usually seat smiling as i come out with a few dollars to donate. He is in a full conversation with another man {{both in there late 80's at least}} going on about things in they're life's. I over hear some of what they are saying as i pass to go to the car and what they have to say is what brought on my smile. They were talking about when they were born (1938) and how things have changed.What they are looking forward to and what they have accomplished.I have to say that it took me longer to load the car then usual but i couldn't stop listening.

The fact that they are looking forward to so much is what amazes me and teaches me to never stop looking forward to things. I may get one year older each year, but with each year a little more wisdom is added to what i should look forward to. Simply a lovely moment to add to my morning!

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I'm Marcie (aka MAR) from Obviously MARvelous! My blog offers a look at my life as an outspoken, funny, tattooed wife and SAHM of 3 as well as some wonderful product reviews and giveaways! Please have a look around and enter a giveaway or two!

~For The Love Of 4~

I'm Claudia from For The Love Of 4. My blog is filled with funny
stories, loving moments and great reviews.
I am a mother to 4 wonderfully blessed sanity suckers and a wife to my hubs
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POG'S - a wonderful endless childhood memory

so for months now i have been telling anyone who would listen about this game that i loved when i was a kid. how cool it was and that i want to bring it back. i remember being that kid that would walk around every with them and be ready to slam you out of your pogs. i had a lot of different slammers and around 300 pogs. most of which i won from others. then one day they were gone. it wasnt talked about anymore and i didnt think about them till recently. all because someone was talking about the best kid game, and of course i thought it was pogs.

fast forward to today, when i went to the store with my dad to get a few things to organize my childrens toys. there they were, hundreds of them. i turned into a ten year old jumping up and down and yelling I FOUND THEM I FOUND THEM. people looked at me like i lost my mind and my father was laughing at me. he remembered the craze it caused when my brother and i were children. so i called my husband as i am in line, saying i am buying ten packs and come friday i am going back for 20 more. he just laughed at me and said ok baby.

how old am i? 26 ... hiow many pogs do i own ... soon hundreds :) my goal is to bring it back into style make it popular. what great clean fun for kids....

want to learn about them read here and see pictures.

other post about blog, great link read here

official website no longer works and i am looking for a way to contact the company ... we shall see what i can accomplish