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school time soon

so here are my goals for April and Havanna (sanity sucker 1 and 2 ) for the rest of the summer vacation, 8/1 - 8/28.

this past month or so of summer break has been a new experience. having a child in public school while still running a homeschool isn't as easy as i thought it would be, kind of pulling me off track. we will start with Havanna and what goals i have for her.

Havanna , almost 5 and turning 25 in her mind, feels she knows it all but wants to learn as much as she can. So every so often we try to work on things that are more then just the basics. on a daily we work on her abc's, counting, shapes, colors and name. so our new goals to get her ready for kinder/homeschool will be:

-learn to write her name first and last.
-count to hundred in ones, fives, and tens.
-know all shapes and colors(already have this down).
-be able to recognize her abc's and write them as well.
-learn simple math.
-learn to read at a first grade level at least.

April, now a 6 year old first grader, is ready to get more in her mind. we really have taken the summer off and you can tell. she is still at a first grade level which is fine but we want for her to be a little ahead in each year when she starts. so her goals to get her ready for school and first grade are:

-recap her kinder basics- listed above for Havanna
-read on a second to third grade level
-work on adding and subtracting double and triple digit numbers.
-comprehension and grammar
-better her computer skills
-practice her writing and start on learning cursive

The younger ones of course will be doing homeschool as well but we will be continuing on what we have been working on. the doctor said that Tatiana is at a 3 year old level with her speach and the fact that she can count to 50. she knows her abc's and her colors. so my goals for the babies are:

Cristofer and Tatiana-
-their abc's
-learn to count - to 100 for Tatiana
-learn left and right, up and down

so i should get started right? i have a few lesson plans to make.

fun friday - lets make some friends

hi there it is me again. its that time of the week for me to go blog hop crazy.
for those of you who are new here let me introduce myself.
hi i am claudia and i am for the love of 4. i am a mom to 4
and a wife to one. this blog is about them. 4 woderful sanity sucking blessing.
after you follow me take the time to go through the
blogs i love to follow tab. they are some great girls.

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my 365 project - picture 47

whistle while you work ... or pout


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my 365project - picture 43

Monday madness - when no is not an option

so after a long weekend all i wanted to do was stay home in bed and rest. all i wanted to do was watch a lifetime movie. all i wnted to do was have a ice cream float. i didnt get any of those. family that i havent seen in almost a year came into town. since i missed them and wanted to see the little ones and they wanted to see mine.

so chucks it was again so the kids could all play. with a total of 7 in between the both of us, my house was out of the question. we went for a few hours and my dad once again spent the most tokens and won the most tickets. it was fun although i was tired. it was nice seeing family but i am looking forward to sleeping tonight.


my 365 project - picture 42

i thought this was super cute. a family we have fallen
in love with needed our help so went to to do what
we could and their little one (11) gave my two big
girls a day filled with fun... i love watching
them play ... top cooks in the house

sunday love - growing up

Tatiana, my little monster, my little me. Her birthday party was yesterday. she will turn two on weds. she is getting so big. my little baby is become a little girl. She no longer wants help up the stairs, no longer wants me to get her dressed, she doesnt cuddle with me as long anymore and she wants to play with the big kids. She is growing up and i want her to stop. So we celebrated her turning two. we had fun ran around and enjoyed every second of it. who would have thought it would have came so fast, but it did.


silly saturday - even growen ups love chuck e cheese

so Tati's birthday was today and we had at chucks. to say the least it was super fun for her.
these tickets that i have holding in my hand are only half of them. the total comes up to like close 2000 tickets. some i kept some we gave to a little girl and some to family.

did i win these tickets for my little one?? no . that would be my father, grandpa george. he was like a big old kid ... he kept coming back for tokens buying him self $40 of his own when i had none left. he kept playing all the games and coming back with hand full of tickets. hitting every last jackpot they had in the place we had to pull him out of the joint. it was fun though and having family there made it even better.

my 365 project - picture 41

tati is two --- happy birthday mama (7/28/08)

my 365 project - picture 40

they look alike to the point if they were
closer in age they could be twins ...


fun friday - blog hop

i am a blog hop chick today and have linked up to a few diff ones. i have to say thanks to and hope that you will all go visit

because of her wonderful blog and how she is so helpful linking up was made easy.

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wonderful forever - if it could only be longer

so being a mom for me is something i have dreamed for for what seems like forever. now that i am, i am trying to figure out how to do it all. it isnt simply but at the same time it isnt hard. being a parent comes so naturally but i feel at times i take advantage of this blessing i was given. there are those who will tell you it is hard to do the things they need to day to day. that they never have a moment to themselves and they are looking forward to when the children they wanted so badly will be adults. no worries, i am not judging because i say all those things too. while i am sure i want them to have a super sonic growth spurt and become adults, im not sure i want them to stop being my babies.

i am for them. all that i do all that i plan all that i am is for them. its for me to in a way. the things i do is to keep my life sane. with four little ones you can bet there are those moments when i think there is not a thing such as sanity. one of those moments is when the hubs comes home. the door chimes and the kids go running to the gate. "daddy daddy daddy daddy " even the dog barks. it gets loud and stays loud for 30 mins. excitement that he is home and that they will get to play with him is the best moment of the childrens day. this is a sanity sucking moment. one i hope that continues for more then forever.


pretty cool blog


so i seen this blog on a friend of mines blog and went to check it out. love it. i like the things they talk about. one of the things that i am going to try is the 31 day budget. check it out.

my 365 project - picture 39

yes there is 5 jackpots but only four were
on a pay line ... almost won 170,000

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Soccer mom - unbelievable

Soccer mom, who would have thought?? But I am. I really really am. As I sit here watching my daughter practicing, making friends on her own and learning tricks I didn't think he capabile of I am flaber-gasted.

I'm her mom and she's that baby I made. Wow. I remember holding her and seeing her little feet and hands. Thinking about this creation that was given to me. The blessings that come along with parenting and the heart breaks of when they get older. Sometimes I think it's all to much for her. She my baby you know. Then I look at her and o have no clue of what will come next.

Who would have thought my little one would be hitting the ball with her head taking blocks and stopping people from scoring?? Who would have thought! I am proud what she gas accomplished so far knowing she will accomplish so much more. I can't take any credit for it but I would live to believe I'm part reason for her athletic gene.

Timing is everything - we will see

timing … wow
it feels like it has taken forever to get a home of our own. With a million and one things to do in life already, I guess I wasn't ready for what buying a house would add on to that. I'm ready to be done and I'm ready to move in. It seems like it is getting closer to us closing on the house. It looks like this time around there won't be any last second problems. Whew!!

What perfect toning though really. I'm sure now I know how to keep a clutter free home and I'm sure now I will keep up on laundry {but why start now right} and put it away. I am looking forward to having a home. While this where we are now is our home, I'm looking forward to our HOME.

It wasn't time before. As sad as I was when the first house fell threw. But like everyone said, everything is for a reason.

Timing is everything!!!!!!

wish list wednesday - books

its a simple wish. more of a want then a need. but i wish to be able to get to my goal for july. i want to read all the books i set aside for this month. {while i am reading plenty none of the books i am reading are on my list} if i cont this way by the end of the month if i read my whole list i will have read 21 books. so i wish to stick to my list and get done. lets see how it goes.

my 365 project - picture 38

eating like a big girl with a spoon

a blog i have fell in love with - crafting got to love it


please take the time out to check out this blog. i love the cards she makes and will enjoy looking through her blog more when i can sit down in peace. i hope you all enjoy .

find a blog- follow wednesday


i dont have any way back photos but this seems like fun will try to get some for next weds


tuesday teachings - im a mom who needs to realize

while i know i am a good parent and i do a darn good job at it, i was taught something. something by someone that you wouldnt think a regular mom would learn from. a stranger. over the past few weeks since my dad has been here we have been out and about a lot. we recently went to go buy new strollers for the babies. it seemed that everyone in the store was not helpful, unkind and simply rude. we walked out to go to another store. the next store we walked into we took the whole family in. i gave my children the speech. the be good or else.

i guess as the parent of the children we dont see how good they are. we are always so busy making sure they are being well behaved and good listeners that we dont take the time to step back and let them show us what we have taught them. well this day i had no choice. there were a few other children in the store running around pulling things off the shelves and being loud. parents no where to be found and it getting out of hand fast.

i said to my self in my mommy head,"thank goodness that these arent my children, i am so happy mine listen" then my father out loud said to me, " see your kids are being good, see"
then the mother to the children who werent being so good showed up and told them to listen by saying this," see those children how well they are listening and how they are with they're mommy? well that is how i would like for you to be."

that was a moment that i dont get to often and each time i do i realize i need to step back and be thankful for my children and how well they listen.

my 365 project - picture 37



my 365 project - picture 36

my son walking in his sisters shoes.... havanna thought it was funny

my steal of the week - craft shopping

so i went out to hang with a craft buddy of mine. we got together to make some cards and have some chat time. since the place we were at got hot and loud we packed up and headed to jo-ann's craft store. i think i found a great deal so i am happy we went. we each bought a pack of markers and two stacks each. we shared the stacks so we each got half of each stack(great way to save money when craft shopping)making for over around a hundred sheets of new scrapbook paper.

so here is the run down :

markers $34.99 sale $8.99, stacks $19.99 each sale $9.99 each
my total was $32.89