knowing love is all it takes

soccer practice.... yes it is time again. we had a little break about 3 weeks. we loaded up the kids rushed out to make a bill payment and headed over, of course with only a few moments to spare. got all the kids out and headed for the field. then it hit us, yup we forgot the chairs. grrrr 112 degrees out and i have to stand. the children dont really care because they want to run around anyways. but me i wanted to read while my hubs played soccer dad. the hubs seeing that i wasnt in my comfty state of mind sent me away to the car. yes leaving himself with all four children. i pulled the car up in the shade turned on the air and was able to watch out of the window at practice. i grabbed my book and wanted to read ( i have a goal ) but just couldnt. i kept looking up out of the window watching my hubs. how great of a father he is and how much he does when there is no need. i couldnt help but smile. read.... ya not at that moment not when i could just watch. it was one of those moments when you were proud and really for such a simple reason but proud.

i could see that the hubs wanted to be more into what april was doing but couldnt because he had the three little ones too. so i called for him to give them to me. which he did with a smile. the girls climbed in the back and played with each other (more screams then anything) and cristofer sat with me on the front seat. we both just watched and smiled and laughed. the hubs is such a great dad so involved. cristofer, with no words, wanted to be out there with his dad. you could just tell.

this was one of those moments for me to just be proud, for no reason but to be just proud. one of those moments you know that love is real, one of those moments when you know you hit the jackpot. one of those moments to be just simply grateful.

wish list wednesday - the wants in life

the wants in life are those things you really really want but put aside for the needs in life. so my wish for this weds is to have nothing but the wants ( yes in my dreams i know). my wants include, for it to be sunny but not have to sweat, for a book to have an ending that doesnt leave you wondering, for more hours in the day specially when all you want to do is cuddle with the hubs, for a soda with ice( yes a soda is a want for me), for less commercials and of course for chocolate to not do so much damage when you go a little over board eating it. those are my wants for today. nothing to big right?? i can go on in life with just the needed but every once and a while it would be nice to have one of those wants.

my 365 project - picture 17

cristofer watching his father on the soccer field helping his big sister april


a new blog i have fallen in love with - check it out

Flying - getting back on track

so a long time ago late at night i found a site called flylady.com. i couldn't sleep so i read the whole site and printed everything i could off. have i been flying you ask?? no not at all. there are those times when i feel that i am or that i am staying on track and then i just fall off the wings i was cruising on. so i now have my accountability partner back and i look forward to flying all over again. i look forward to dusting off my control journal and timer. i look forward to this!! its all easier when you have someone to share it with and someone who is doing it with you. you may be flying in your own way but your still flying together. so thanks accountability partner you make want to do it you make me ant to achieve!!

tuesday teaching - that being better isnt always easy

i look back at all the things i have done recently and said recently and i am not such a happy camper with myself. i see that my mouth has got out of control and the way i behave ...

i am a good person and i know right from wrong. i have been working on myself striving to be the person i know i am meant to be. i know that every time i step off my path i fall in my childish patterns but hearing my daughter speak in the tone and use the words i use (the clean version) i cant believe i have let myself become this person who i really just am not, and will no longer be. i was taught this past week by my 6 year old that i need and should want to be better. so i shall! i am sure i will slip up here and there and i know that my mouth wont correct it self but i wont get anywhere unless i try. with this new found fellowship and goals i now have i hope it will be easier. only time shall tell.

my 365 project - picture 16

cristofer and his tia at his birthday party...he's 1

a little game of catch up

so being gone for a week and not being able to have a moment to sit and blog left me feeling well sad so i played a game of catch up. as you can see there are around 11 post that werent there that long ago. well i have been writing this weekend but havent had a moment to finish any of them till now so i thought i would post them. so there is my game and i am sure i missed some fun moments but at least it wont drive me crazy not talking about some of the moments.


my 365 project - picture 15

moving him in is a whole lot better then getting all his stuff here

monday madness - really ?? really??

so today i am sleep tired and just simply sore. it took us almost nine hours to get home. did i mention that it is only a 4 hour drive. but i do have to say that we are truly blessed because we all got home safe in one piece and that my children didnt suck any more of my sanity away. today i will be going in circles i am sure. i, meaning my hubs and me, will be moving our home around and unpacking the truck. my father will be driving in at some point and we will get his room together once he is here. it will be a busy day i am sure !!


sunday love - knowing it is true

being in love to the point and knowing nothing can change it. we are driving home from cali and had to stop of due to traffic and a bad accident some one had. the freeway is shut down it is hot and yet me and my hubs have not yelled or gotten upset at all. we promised to try more with each other. that is what we are doing. it is just nice. its true love when you can sweat all morning and still want to kiss me ...

my 365 project - picture 14

missing this person like crazy


my 365 project - picture 13

cake fight of all cake fights the best time in my life
i knida gave her a black eye

silly saturday - being a kid again (well teen)

so we are getting ready for my sons birthday party that will start in a few hours and i took it upon my self to get in the jumper. thank goodness no one has posted and pictures yet but it was so much fun. later in the after noon we went driving around town getting the last min things that we need and i was able to act a fool with some of the people i love most. i think we took close to 30 shots. and a lot of them ended up on facebook. it was a silly car ride making jokes and acting like teen ager's again. it was a highlight of my trip this go around.


fun friday - being home

being home is fun in its self. it opened my eyes to the fact that i have a whole lot of growing to do and that i need to get on that. but it is fun today hanging out with family. we left the hubs parents home(that is where we stay when we come into town) and headed over to my moms. last night we did dinner and tonight we are just having some play time for the kids. it is so nice to all come together and laugh share memories and talk about where we all are in life. im getting ready to get on the floor with my little klassic and play cars. i look forward to getting to know my sisters son.

my 365 project - picture 12

what a goof ball but she was laughing so hard when it started to talk that i had to take a picture


thoughtful thursday - what he does just because

so as i sit here looking out the window in aww of my hubs, i am all the more grateful for who he is. when ever we come out to visit family in LA we tend to do what ever we can to help them out. for the hubs side of the family it is yard work. it seems in between visits no one keeps it up and it is understandable why they dont. it is a lot of work for his parents who already work so hard. so with out being asked or with out being told my hubs woke up early on his vacation to do yard work. he woke up early to get it all done. so i am sitting here watching him with a smile ... how thoughtful. a reminder to me that somethings should be done simply for the knowledge that you helped someone else.

my 365 project - picture 11

cristofer, april and their tia tere early early in the morning...

back home - still missing home

its 1:24 in the morning and i am back in LA where i am from. i am missing home no matter where i am. if i am in vegas i am missing la but if i am in la i am missing vegas. vegas has become my home my favorite place. there is so much to vegas to me that no where else could be home... that is except for home. i drive down streets that i know like the back of my hand and go places i remember going to when i was little. and then i think of something i missing out on in vegas. an activity that i could have done with my children.

how can you miss one place some much and then when you get there miss what you just left. i look forward to bringing my father back to las vegas with us when we go home. i look forward to the chance in to getting into our home that we have been trying to buy and i look forward to not having to worry so much anymore. then i think about home and what my dad will miss.

its all jumbled in my head so it might not all come out right.
im missing home while being back home.... who would have thought.


are you looking for a new blog to read??


come check out this blog. they have some really great
bloggers on there and i think everyone can find something
they would enjoy reading. supporting each other in our
blogging world is the best thing. thank you all for the support you have given me!

wish list wednesday - simple wishes

i wish for a save trip to vegas
i wish for (pray) for this house to become ours
i wish that cristofer will enjoy his birthday party saturday
i wish for my hubby to come home early
i wish for soda but really
i will be drinking ice tea

my 365 project - picture 10

cristofer on his first birthday


my very last absolutely one and only sons first birthday

so as i have said i have four children, what i haven't shared yet is i have a child in heaven. he was needed and was taken to him. so in my heart i have two boys, but for the purposes of not having to share it with everyone i meet i say i have four children. i am not one for the pitty hugs and the oh my goodness or why did you not sue conversations.

so back to the reason for this post. my youngest and last child is turning one tomorrow. i am sad. not that he is turning one but that it will be my very absolutely last first birthday. as i sit here typing i am getting teary eyed. some of you may not be able to understand and some of you may know exactly whats going on in side of me.

he started walking on fathers day night, walking towards me. the only one of my children to walk towards me. he is starting to talk and is starting to do things on his own. you know that first toddler stage stuff.

i have always been the mom who believed in being married, pregnant and barefoot. i have always seen my self being that house wife/ stay-at-home mommy type. and now that i have taken a part of that away from my self i am sad. it hit me when i made the decision and it hit me when i was doing it and now it is hitting me harder then before.

my little boy is getting bigger. soon he wont want me to kiss him because his friends are watching. and soon he wont want me to go anywhere with him because he is to cool. i am sad.

but then i am thinking, look what i have accomplished in raising my children. look at what i have done for them, just look. i am watching him sleep knowing that when he gets up he will be one. he wont feel any different but i will. he will get a few extra kisses tomorrow and a few extra hugs. but i hope just hope i will get and extra one from him.

happy birthday Cristofer Alexander

There is a new blog to check out

check this blog out. she is a friend of mine and has just started out in the blogging world. she is a great lady and is funny and sweet all in one. check out her blog at :
Finding Joy in Vegas
finding joy in vegas

My July Goals

so you must be wondering what is it with the picture, so let me tell you. i have a goals for the month of July and they are:

1.reading 15 books by the end of July( 2days a book) in no order
{Hide & Seek by Alyssa Brooks, Two truths & a Lie by Katrina Kittle, A Reliable Wife by Goolrick, The Scandal of The Season by Sophie Gee, Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist, The Scent of Scandal by Carole Matthews, The Smart One & The Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik, Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts, The Handmaid & The Carpentar by Elizabeth Berg, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas, Glimmerglass by Jenna Black, And She Was by Cindy Dyson, A Great & Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, A Rather Curious Engagement by C.A. Belmond}
2. do a load of laundry a day; wash, folded and put away.
3. school lessons with my children each day
4. bible study
5. cook dinner each and every night with only two nights out in July {not including 4th of July}

Tuesday Teachings - Frugal in Sin City

This is another one of my blog. It is still a work in progress and i am finding great deals and tips to share with local frugal moms. take a look and see what deals and tips i have found so far. Living frugal is not easy but it is well worth it. i have been teaching my self for years now. every time i think i got i come across another frugal mom with a great tip for me to learn about.
For The Love Of 4

my 365 project - picture 9

The Hubs Being A goof ball


great tip i wanted to share it with you

My Magic Mom Button

so this is one of my favorite blogs. i think that this blogger/mom is super crafty and smart i wanted to share one of her recent post of hers with you. please stop by her blog and tell her what you think.

actual link to post that i wanted to share

my 365 project - picture 8

cristofer after a shopping spree

monday madness - being apart of something bigger

so i found this site that is doing this Monday Madness and i have linked up to it. i wanted to spread the word because i thought what they were doing was great. if you click on they're monday madness button it will link you to the post but i will also put the link to the blog as well. enjoy and spread the word.
The Tuckers Take Tennessee


fellowship - i think i found what i have been looking for


i have mentioned before that i have been lost with out fellowship. that i have been looking for it all over again. i found a site tonight through another blogger's site. and i have fallen in love with it. yes i know that i say this often(in comments) but really when you can read post and smile or think about a moment in your life that can easily match to what your reading. this is one of those sites. i have read some post and seen mommy missions ... which is very interesting. so if you are christian or just a mom on a path with him take a look at this site it is truly wonderful !!!

my 365 project - picture 7

what you look like after eating a yummy cooookkkkieeeee

sunday love - a little inspiration

1 Corinthians 13:13 "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

know that at the end of the day there is his love and that is all that we need. with faith we can get through anything, with hope all will happen and with love you will never fail.

happy fathers day

i got to spend the weekend with my dad he left this morning. i loved that i am so blessed to have men in my life that are so goood to me and the children. so happy fathers day to all those who are dads ... the fathers the husbands the women who are raising their children and doing both rolls...


my 365 project - picture 6

they looked so yummy but nope i didnt get one

silly saturday - something that was sent to me

too cute

when being rubbed the wrong way ... doesnt feel right.

you got to love when people in your life feel they know you or what you do day to day. you have to love when people throw stones in glass houses. they forget what they have, still are and will continue to do in their own lives. i am a mom first and for most. i am wife and a damn good one. i am a 26 year old grown woman who needs no approval from anyone. so i find it offensive when someone feels they can pass judgment when they dont have their own leg to stand on. yes i say things you may not like and yes i find them funny, yes i am rude and out spoken, yes i will go out of my way to help someone and yes i will do what i need to do for my family and yes i am a flirtatious person, and yes i do have friends of the opposite sex and yes i am allowed to talk to them. really what day in age are we in when you feel someone who is married cant flirt nor talk to someone of the opposite sex. i mean will i be taken out side to be stoned?? my husband and i have been together for 8 years and going strong. so if he, the man that i am with that loves me, has no problem with who i am or what i do, i am not to sure if you think of me matters. yes i am a Christian and my faith you can never question. he excepts me with all my faults and understands i am not perfect.

we have come to an understanding that as adults we can do as we like. that the paper we signed does not make our marriage any more then what it is. because even with out that $100 piece of paper i would still be head over heals for my hubs and him for me. it is called common since and respect. if i am out and about have having dinner with one of my friends and the waiter wants to flirt( "that shirt looks something extra special on you" for example) my husband doesnt expect me to put my head down and stay hush hush. if i want to comment back and then have a good laugh at it later on then so be it.

the whole point of this is i love how people can pass judgment and can assume they know what it is. i love how people can pretend to be high and mighty but be no better then what they are judging. i remember a fall call not so long ago when someone was crying( no actual tears) over losing someone because they were going back to there spouse. i remember that they would rather this person walk away from working something out and keep a home for there children because they wanted something so bad. i remember that. i did not pass judgment i was there to listen i was there to understand your point of view. i remember... i was there ...i didn't judge! but i guess some think that they're poo dont stink.


Fun Friday - dancing and crafting

so today we wanted to do a few things. we wanted to make it fun. since grandpa is here we wanted to make it triple fun. first we danced o some salsa music. that was fun my dad was smiling because all the children were dancing and moving around. tati took a diaper book and turned upside down and pretended that it was a drum. it was super cute. i recorded it and put it on my facebook for family to see. then my youngest cristofer as dancing and having a blast. he was moving around and taking steps toward walking a little. we danced for about 20 mins. which really was a perfect amount. the kids got a little pooped out and they went to rest.

after that we did some crafting. a little fathers day project. the kids are making daddy a few thins, even grandpas too. but shh its a secret. it i fun to see them smile doing the fun stiff in life. we need to do more of it!!!

my 365 project - picture 5

my sanity sucking blessings with grandpa


thoughtful thursday

fathers day cards made and ready to go. sunday is the day to celebrate the men in our lifes that play a father roll. you father your husband your friends and brothers. show how much they mean to you with a little i love you!!

some great blogs to check out

this one is really cute and i see my self checking in on it often. i like the projects that she does and how involved she is with the kids. very cute very simple very interesting
My Magic Mom Button

this one is helpful and for anyone who uses coupons. i found it super helpful and i am already coupon savvy but this gave me a bunch of new ideas to use. they have a book and i have it on order from the book store.

if you want me to look over your blog and post it send me the link

another school house rant

so do you remember being taught about Pluto? i do !! do you know that they will be taking Pluto out of teaching. do you know when your children are learning about the solar system that Pluto wont be apart of that lesson? i know you must be reading this and be thinking, "Claudia who cares". well i do because it makes me think what else will they not teach our children and what will they be teaching instead. i already deal with the fact that my children will only be taught evolution but nothing about god in school, i will have to deal with this about no Pluto, but what is next??

o well my rant is over and if you are asking what brought this rant on this very silly-o-so-sad picture i found. i seen it and thought, "poor Pluto, poor little Pluto" (laughing a little out loud do to how much it bugged me) no really i seen it and thought something else i will be adding to our homeschool lesson plans.

book store ... turned thinking trip

i took a trip to the book store the other day. who are we kidding, i go a few times a week. but this trip i saw a book in the last chance section. i at first thought i was reading it wrong so i pulled it out. yup i read what i thought i saw. i kinda laughed but then got me thinking how sad it is that the world is kinda like the title of the book, "Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank". how sad it is that you could write a whole book about the subject.i didn't buy it nor did i even open it to look what it was about. but the title stuck with me and for some reason i took a picture of it. so i thought i would share it with you. most of us have girls. it might make you think how a topic like this could be oo so true in some peoples world.

my 365 project - picture 4

my school area ... looking forward to a bigger space


silly bandz .... my mini rant

my daughter has silly bandz. she really doesn't even know what they are. she isn't old enough yet to get that they are something you trade. but she was sent some and these are a few that she has. let me say this i am not a fan of them but what ever makes my kid smile that wont hurt her i am game for it. with that said i am not looking forward to the yelling matches, crying over broken ones and the fights of which belong to who. they will go in the trash first.

schools nation wide are banning them. they say that they are a distraction. well that only makes me want to buy a pack and save it for the school year and send her every day with one on. it is a bracelet to my child. i can understand the clothing rules those should be common sense anyways. but really a bracelet? until teachers don't wear jewelry to school my child will wear what ever i put her in. i am getting sick and tired of the school system telling me what my child can and cant do. well i am not just complaining about i am putting my foot down(which i did her whole first year)and i will decide what my child can and cant do. i did make her(well god did but i carried her). so that is my rant on silly bandz.pogs/tops are still way cooler i hope they bring those back i was a champ!!i think i still have my number one slammer some where.

yummy whats for dinner

you know you are cooking good when you child comes in the living room takes a sniff and says "mmmm mommy what is that?" i say "its dinner" april "well mommy if that is what you are cooking then i know i will be eating greeeaaaat" me " thank you baby it will be yummy i am sure" april "everything you cook is yummy mommy". it put a smile on my face and made me realize even more why i do what i do as a mommy.

my 365 project - picture 3

a book mark i couldn't pass up getting