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Homemaking is as old of a tradition in homes as anything thing else you could come up with. I say tradition because you learn the things you put to use usually from family members pass down over the years. Sometimes we look for ways to do things better or maybe learn a new "how to" all together. By no means do i think that my way is the way, but i do have a few tips of my own and some tips that i have learned from others that are helpful running my home.
Some of the post will be direct links. Others will be written here. I am still learning, so this will be updated continuously. Enjoy...

Homemaking is defined as: The creation and management of a home, esp. as a pleasant place in which to live.

Post all about MommyHood from the view of my eyes.


I am always redoing my kitchen, and it never seems done. Here, i will share posts, new and old, sharing my kitchen with you. Here you will also find posts of my family fav recipes.

 Homemade Chili

How to make a menu plan


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Taking a little time now will make more time for later. There never seems to be enough time, but maybe we are not using our time wisely enough. Here you will find tips to manage a little better and put to use the time you already seem to have set aside. Not everything will work for you and if you have a tip, us moms would love to know it. 

Menu Planning
Cleaning/organizing home management binder

There are always ways to better a marriage. Here you will find post from my journey on doing just that. Everything from Love Dare to Date nights. Look for post, new and old that i would love to share with you. 

Love Dare 
Dare 1        Dare 11       Dare 21       Dare 31
Dare 2       Dare 12       Dare 22       Dare 32
Dare 3       Dare 13       Dare 23       Dare 33
Dare 4       Dare14        Dare 24       Dare 34
Dare 5       Dare 15       Dare 25        Dare 35
Dare 6       Dare 16       Dare 26       Dare 36
Dare 7       Dare 17       Dare 27       Dare 37
Dare 8       Dare 18      Dare 28        Dare 38
Dare 9       Dare 19       Dare 29       Dare 39
Dare 10     Dare 20       Dare 30        Dare 40

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Homemade fun, projects, scrapbooking and ect. A place were you can find link to fun stuff that i have done and blogs that have some fun stuff on it too.

Everything from Christmas to Halloween. Projects, tips, food and more. Make holidays less stressful and find the enjoyment in it all again.

28 Days to a Stress Free Christmas

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