28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #25

Tip #25

We have a few couples that we hang with throughout the year.
We love giving them gifts. They are who we spend most of
our time with during the year.
They gifts don't change much over the years.
Our friends know that they get some kind of date night out
of our gift, with the types of gift cards changing
every year. This year we are giving a different type of date.
Again, I wont share exactly what but instead share the past years.
Date night 1: Movie, Dinner, and something sweet
Date night 2: Marriage survival kit = my fav ever to give
(had cards for v-day, anniversary, I'm sorry, and birthday
plus different date nights for the forgetful hubby)
Date night 3: Show on the strip
Date night 4: Night off from parenting

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