Oh the Clutter - Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp

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I have been lucky enough to be apart of many books by Kathi Lipp. All fun and all exciting but this one I think I am the most excited about. We tend to put our best forward on our IG accounts. We always show the cleanest parts of our homes or the best decorated. Never do you find pictures of an unorganized house or clutter filled space.

So over the coming weeks I will be taking part in assignments from Kathi and her team. I will be de-cluttering not only my home but my heart and mind. I got my book yesterday with a cute purple highlighter. At first I was like ... Ahhhhh I don't want to write in my book, but hey maybe it will be fun. So start this journey with me and look forward to giveaways throughout this journey.

Today I have cracked open my book and started reading. Right away something hit me before I could even get pass the introduction and I wanted to share it with you.

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 From the book:

1. The Why of Clutter
2. The What of Clutter
3. The How of Clutter

Now if you're anything like me, your temptation will be to skip the "how" part. "Just tell me what to do with all this stuff!" you cry.
I get it. You're desperate.

But unless you deal with the heart and head issues behind your clutter, you will not be prepared to make the hard decisions to get yourself out of the mountain of things weighing you down.

I thought that I had been doing so well over the past few months. I got rid of and donated bins and bins of items. 200+ books, two bins worth of crafting, eight bags of clothes, a bin or two of holiday decorations, furniture, and other things. I added it up to being half of our home. But then putting the keep pile back in my house made me feel defeated.

Claudia Jean Ochoa's photo.It isn't that I have an over abundance of things but more that I have more than my space will allow. I have no garage, storage space or traditional ways of keeping things. I have a "5th room". The dreaded "5th room". It has my crafting materials, schooling storage, library, girl scouts, season clothes, boxed clutter, and more. It holds it all like a storage unit would but in my house. At some point I would love to walk in and get exactly what I am looking for within minutes not days and without walking over it all. Believe it or not I had double that a month ago.

It will take work and the assignments I am sure will be work. So here is to diving in and making a difference in my home for the long haul.

Are you blogging your way to clutter free? Link your blog here with a picture and share your process. I would love to be apart of your journey too.

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