28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #26

Tip #26

If your kids are anything like

mine, they are plotting on how to catch

Santa this year.

I for one do not want to ruin what 

they think Christmas is all about. 

While we have instilled that Christmas is a day

for giving, a day for people world wide to 

celebrate Christ, and that it is a time for 

family, my children want to see the 

magical man himself.

My oldest is ramping up the need to catch him.

I think in many ways she is starting not

to believe in Santa.

Instead of fighting her on this

I have come up with a plan to get around it.

This year we will have non stop over the top  fun 

on Christmas eve. Tracking Santa, even maybe emailing

his elf's. Making it more of a scavenger hunt

then an all night stake out.

 Once she {they} are out for the count Santa

 can come do his magic.

Tip for today is, help your children to enjoy 

Santa in a new way this year.

Help them to see it all in a new light. 

Go on the the weather channel and follow Santa tracker.

Do anything to help keep the magic going.

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