28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #14

Tip #14

*** This year Hallmark has been playing movies since Halloween Night. Yup
you heard me right, Halloween.

Christmas Movies. Most TV stations don't start showing movies until now.

The usually coin it 12 days of Christmas. 

Lots of the family favorites we own to be able to watch when ever we like.

Right now the stores have a lot of the older

movies on sale for under $7 dollars.

Make the season Even more fun buy getting a few. 

Picture was borrowed off of a yahoo group

This year my children have been enjoying our favorite

Christmas movies since Thanksgiving night.

We always watch a movie before going to bed.

We have also been enjoying the movies that have been 

playing on Tv.

Here is a listing of movies that will be playing.
Bonus Tip
Most of the Cable companies over some type of music channel.
Look for the music channels and I am sure you will
find a holiday station. If you are not into watching movies, listen
to some holiday music while eating dinner or cleaning.
It will bring the holiday spirit into every room.

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