28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #13

Tip #13

Start wrapping all the last minute gifts you have. 

You do not have to put them under the tree but

if you wrap as you buy or even head of schedule as 

mentioned in a earlier tip you will save yourself

so much time and stress.


Simple gifts and homemade gifts can be 

made even more amazing with the right wrapping.

Pintrest has some great ideas for different things. 

For your homemade cookies and gifts

you can wrap them in unexpected ways.

Make it fun. This year I am using cookie boxes and getting creative
with the cookies themselves. 


Bonus Tip

While bags may be cheaper to use

unwrapping a gift is so much more fun.

Take a smaller gift and hide it in lots of bigger boxes.

If you have a gift card hid it  in a shoe box or peanut container.

Fun ways makes a gift mean even more to the person who is getting it.

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