28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #8

Tip #8

Take a moment to breathe. 

That's right. Not everyday has to be about 

Christmas. Take today to maybe have a

date night or girls night/ guys night out.

Plan something that has nothing to do with what you

need to get done for the holidays.

Still want to keep it centered around the holiday spirit?

Go ice skating, or hit the $1 movies and catch

an old Christmas flick.

Maybe even go and spread the Christmas cheer together.

Something you find fun.

Bonus Tip

Don't have a ton of extra spending money?

Spend the night in with some Christmas movies, some board

games, hot coco and enjoy the comfort of your

home and all the beautiful decorations you've 

already put up.

Home fun = free fun.
What I Do

Today I am watching a movie with my kids.
I am making hot coco and enjoy the lights my hubby has put up.
We might even sing a few songs together and get a few laughs.
There is no soccer practice tonight, and I will try to get out of school early
 so I am looking forward to staying home with my family.

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