28 Tips to a Stress Free Christams 2014 - Tip #11

Tip #11


Some of the best gifts and memories are from 

Holiday baking. This year lets make it 

easy and price efficient.

Lets not be left to last night runs to the store for 

baking necessities. 

Some people think that its hard to bake or even 

not worth the time. Look at it as a chance to teach your 

children a life lesson. Baking is not just for the holidays. 

Take a day set the kitchen up and have all the things

you will need. Get some great music on and get

ready to have the best smelling house on the block. 
This can be used as math practice and life skill practice.

Easy Recipes:

Bonus Tip

You can find special plates even at the dollar store.
Pick up a whisk and put a few Thumb Print cookies inside.
Wrap it up, tag it with We Whisk You A Merry Kissmas.
Cute ideas are always welcomed in our home.
What I Do

This year I plan to make the teachers some yum goodies.
Fudge, cookies, chocolate dipped Oreos, and some candy.
The fudge I will be making will only
have two ingredients. It will be rich and delicious.
Four of these sets of goodies will run me a total of $6. 

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