2015 Clutter free - Starting small

Office/ Bill Pay Area - Before
Setup: One rack for files that holds 3 types of papers.
File 1 - call/ cancel/ ask
File 2- to pay
File 3- to file
A large calendar and a tool caddy for pens-stapler and stuff :). I file everything into my freedom filer. It is a new thing that I am giving a go in hopes of getting my paper clutter in order (because I have 12 years of it). Here is a link to check out the video that inspired me.

Launch Team Activity 1
pick a room/area (space)
Read until page 20
Read pg. 151 in chapter 20 (goal is 2000 items)
Read 3 boxes 2 Bags
Appendix 1 page 195
Get three containers
Start getting rid of stuff, start with 30 items
Keep Count
Join the Challenge here
Buy your copy here 

So here is my start point. I knew I would need to start small and do something I could finish fairly fast. My in laws are here, which means I don't have much time to do anything but visit and enjoy the best food in the world. Yes, I am being spoiled with yummy home cooked food. I was going to start on the first of the year but thought it was just an excuse to not start now. So here it is.

Originally this held a bunch of junk, board
games, and others things that weren't needed.
Last month we got rid of it all and made it just for our towels and games.
Games are on bottom in baskets.
The other half became my mail center.

This is where we through a bunch of bags and boxes of old bills.
Now it houses our children's first year bins, couch 
pillows (three different sets, one is on my couch)
and girl scout storage.  

It is clean and gone. I got ride of 32 items. It was nice to have this area in order, it can be seen from my entry. So here is my start and I cannot wait to move on to the next spot.

Are you apart of the launch team and blogging your journey too? Please share your post for inspiration for everyone who will be jumping on the challenge come January 6th.

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