28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #4

Tip #4

Have you made your menu yet?
Take some time to list what you and
your family would like to eat.
Start buying for your holiday feast.

Once it gets closer to the day you have to actually cook
stores seem to mark up prices, get overly packed,
and just plain crazy.
To delete this stress from your holiday season,
shop early and catch some deals.

Get what you can that will freeze, store and
last through the next few weeks.
You will love me later for this tip promise!!

Bonus Tip

Baking makes for a great gift.
It is always fun to include family in this activity
and to give a homemade gift.
Take a little time to put a little
homemade love into a few gifts.
What I Do

As in tip #2, these are from flylady.com
and I use these to plan a master list and meal.
Each year we pick and choose what we wanted to change
up the menu a little so that we aren't having the same thing each year.

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