28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 Vlog - Tip #1

Tip #1

Time to decorate. Lights, snow men  and Santa's sleigh.
Today pull out your decorations and have fun!
Put up your tree, stream it with lights and have your family
help you add the ornaments.

Enjoy the moments of decorating
simply because they are the beginning
moments of your holiday season.

Start by emptying your bins and pulling out only
what you think you will use.
Try not to over think it.
Put on some great Christmas tunes,
Have some hot coco on hand
and of course a camera.
I'm sure there will be a funny moment or
two to get a shot of.

Bonus Tip

Because you will be using a majority of your Xmas d├ęcor,
organize what is not being used and wipe to clean down.
This will make clean up a lot smoother.
Anything that is broken or not usable you should
throw away or find a new home for.
Have a Xmas Yard Sale.

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