28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas 2014 - Tip #7

Tip #7

Traditions are something different to each family.

Don't have any yet? Well think of some that you think

your family would enjoy.

Many do Elf On a Shelf.

This is not something new. Even if 

all your friends try to tell you this is something they 

came up with. Even before the book and movie

families were doing this already.

My family does not but only

because we have so many traditions already.

Some include Santa  photos, letters, baking, movie night

and our favorite... Xmas lights viewing.

Bonus Tip

Make sure what ever tradition you choose,

you look in your local area to see free and low 

cost activities. Sometimes hard times hit

and that may leave your family unable to do the traditions 

you have all come to love and enjoy.
What I Do
This year we are wrapping up books to open up each
day up until Christmas Eve.
The kids will each take turns picking up a numbered
book and either the hubs, one of the kids, or I will read it to our family.

The hubby and I will be taking part in a new tradition for him and I.
We will be giving each other a small give every day starting
December 1st - Christmas Eve.
Once the kids are sleep, we will
take a few minutes each night to spend
some quality time together.
The gifts are nothing major and are truly
just a way to show how we are thinking of each other.
Each gift from us will have to fit in Santa who is riding
his reindeer. We cannot sneak a look nor can it be expensive.
We will, as a family,  try to watch a Christmas movie each night of
December through Christmas.
We have a basket full of some of our favorite movies and
we will be using our DVR to watch Hallmark movies.
Some great family time. 
*on Christmas day I will share a photo of our 24 Days of Giving.

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