Sunday Scripture ~ needed dose of the word

Every time I go to church the sermon seems as though it is written for me.
I am sure that is how it works for everyone.
When you need to hear something it always seems
as though the message was made just for you.

   Todays message spoke to me as faith. The scripture, the chapter of
The Story, and the sermon all made me think about faith.
1 Peter 1:8-9 Was a scripture up during communion. 
I stopped and thought.
As a Christian, we love and praise God without
ever seeing him. We put our faith in
things we believe in.
So why is it so hard for us to believe in forgiveness.
To look to others as Jesus looked at us.
He carries our cross and gave His
life for our sins.
I have been battling myself for the past few weeks
wondering if I have forgiven to easily.
Todays message spoke to me and reassured
me that I did just as Jesus has done
for me countless of times.
There is never a time that we do not sin
or a time that we are in need of forgiveness from God.
So why then should we hold anyone
in a different light and withhold forgiveness?
I am so happy that I opened my heart the way Jesus
has for me. Forgiveness is not only
for the person who you are forgiving but
for the person who needs to forgive.
Pastor Kevin asked us to walk away with these words.
1. God is speaking ~ through Word, prayer, circumstances, and the church.
2. Are we listening?
3. Are e ready to obey?

Xo ~ Claudia I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic~Cheer 
  Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.

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