Could we make it a 25 hour day instead? ~ 5 on Friday

Trying something new. 5 on Friday. Time passing so fast, with so many things in life that doesn't allow for blogging. My 5 on Friday will be my chance to share 5 things or moments that has happened the current week. I look forward to sharing and maybe getting back on the blogging horse.

There are so many things in life that we want to share, that I want to share. It is just the means in which I make time to share them. I never know if things get read or the audience who might be reading, but I do know that it is some kind of online journal. A little outlet of sharing.

So here is to a new beginning, one of which I hope to be able to stick with.

1. Time with the kids before school- I hear all the time from parents, "when will school start?" and I always say I hope it doesn't. Well I am now saying when will it start. I am looking forward to watching my children, all 4 of them, smile on the first day of school. We have been working on fluency, spelling, math, and sight words. We have collected our school supplies and made our schedules. Clothes shopping is continuous in this house, so I am not sure that will ever be done. Summer is slipping away, the kids are ready to get back to school and friends, and mom is ready to get back on schedule. This week, finally, reading has become a favorite with my kids. Everyday I have had them sit and read for 30 mins. Havanna took to it a lot faster than April; however, this week it is different. Both bigs are excited to share the story and give tidbits of how movies should be made. School we are ready for you.
2. School...for me- ended another class and am preparing for another class. I am getting deep into my education program. I am learning a lot. I have gotten back on track and am a head on school work. Hoping to make this a habit again so when the kids go back to school I can be on schedule. Ended with a great team experience. I am think at this point we finally got the mixture of people right.
3. Bible time- I have come to realize over the past week that I need to make time for bible time. At some point my bible study group stopped meeting, and my personal bible time stopped right along with it. I have seen facebook post and instagram photos and miss the quality time with God.
4. Celebrate- This month gave way to two birthdays. My dad wouldn't let us do much of anything(I don't think he wants to age anymore) and Tatiana is having a party this weekend. I officially have all school age children.
5. Marriage- we are growing and working towards an amazing friendship.                    

Xo ~ Claudia I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic~Cheer  Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.

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