Time Management for the Busy

Time Management is something everyone struggles with; however, a housewife seems to have more struggles wearing so many hats. We all have the same amount of time in our days but somehow it seems my time is stretched pretty thin. As a housewife I have to always keep in mind what not only my day looks like but what all members of my family days look like as well. Managing a household is not easy task but one I have chosen to do.


Recently in one of the courses I took at Phoenix I had a group I took part in and I was the only female. The three guys were friendly for the most part and working with them was a task all in itself. Around week three we had to schedule our main presentations and due dates came up. I remember asking for it to be turned in by a certain time because the holidays were coming. The response I got was. " I actually work, what do you do with your time?" He tried to joke and make it light hearted but he then said, "really tho what is it that you do that you expect me to make time to get it done when you need it? Aren't you just a mom?" Yes he truly asked those questions and made those statements.

It upset me more than it usually does. How could some still be so blind to what a stay at home parent does. It may not be a job that comes along with taxes or a payroll but it is a job non the least.
There are not many times a housewife says no; "Can you wash my uniform?" "I have a birthday party to go to, can you take me?" "My teacher needs help, will you come in today?" so on and so on. So time management is a must to run a smooth household.

Every Sunday I take time for myself to intentionally plan. I have always in someway or somehow had a planner. I have always been that person that had to write it all down or I would double triple book my day away. This started when I was about 16. I was homeschooling myself in high school, attending full time college, and working sometimes two jobs. Keeping my schedule start was a must. Throw in music, sports, and a social life I simply had to know what I would be doing every moment of the day.

This year I have made my own planner pages because there just weren't any out there that fit what I needed. It is a week at a glance 4 page layout. On the first page (top right corner) the five spots are separated into Personal Task, Household Task , Prayers, Phone Calls/Emails, and Weekly Routine. On the second and third page ( large shot bottom right) is my week at a glance. I have a space for each day of the week plus my Flylady Zone things, Loving Moment, Memory Verse, and Dinner Menu for the week. The last page (bottom left corner) shows my note section for the week and twitter style journal space.

This works for me. It may not work for everyone but it helps with what I need to get done. I have a color coded schedule that keeps the need for space in my planner small. Take the time to sit each week and plan your days to allow for time with the Lord, personal time, family time, and all the things in the middle. If you know out right what you have to get done there will be no surprises when you have to squeeze something in.

Update: two emails came in right after I posted asking for a glimpse at my daily schedule, so I figure I would share it here. I am a busy mom and chose to use my time the way I do.

Day starts : Weekday
6 am - I try to read my bible and have some tea ( doesn't always happen)
6:45 - I wake the kids and start there day off with a short show and warm breakfast
7:15 - Get the kids dressed and do three little girls hair (somewhere in there I get myself dressed and hair somewhat put together)
8:00 - homework check and reading log cheek ( kids brush their own teeth at this time when I am working with one of the others)
8:30 - school drop off ( look for the stay at school schedule at the very bottom for when I volunteer my time)
9:00 - homeschool with my son
9:30- 11 in between activities household task are taken care of.
11:00 ` mommy break
11:30 - Pick up one child from school and check on other two
12:00 - Make lunch for littles and finish up any household chores ( sometimes I even remember to eat at this point)
12:30 - start dinner once I lay the littles down for a rest ( that they never actually sleep through unless I am lucky)
1:00 - homework time until the little just wont stay in bed anymore
2:00 -2:45 - answer any and all emails, make phone calls, check practice times ( most of the time my day is so busy the emails wait till about 1 am)
3:00 - pick up older two children
3:30 - 4:15 depending on which day of the week it is do homework at home or at whatever function we are at
4:15 - 8 this is an everyday time slot that is filled with something, Gymnastics, Soccer, Girl Scouts, School functions, and any thing else the kids have on their schedule
4:30-10 I have school 2-3 nights a week
Dinner time - we try for between 6-8 depending on schedule
Family time- we try to work it in throughout the whole day utilizing all the time we can
Kids bed time - 9 pm

Then my day really starts - I do homework, cleaning, emails, phone calls, errands, prep for next day, try to get a little reading time in and finally hit the sack if I am lucky around 1 am. I have been doing good lately going to sleep with the hubs at 11 (but that just means fitting in yesterdays stuff into todays stuff )

Weekends: take out the school (7am - 5pm) and add in Soccer. That is our weekend  most weekends.

Volunteer time: when I do work at the school I am usually there the whole day, leaving only to drop one of my littles back home. I still have to get all of the things in my to-do list done but with less time. I usually do about 25- 35 hours a week at the school in someway or fashion.

So that is my schedule .... like the guy from my school says ...  I am just a mom!
Xo ~ Claudia
I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.

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