Soccer Life ~ Not for the weak at heart

Last year at this same time the girls hard worked paid off and they won.
Can they do it again? Will their hard work pay off?
Lets remember, they are nine and winning is not everything.

 We as parents want our children to win. As a soccer mom, I want April's team to win every time they hit the fields. I have learned though that I need to take a step back. We have enough parents on our team who take nothing less than a win, so I want to learn from those who look at it a different way. They have worked hard, they played hard and that is enough to be proud of.

Of course I want them, her to win. I want them to have that special moment that they have shared at other games they have won at. This is such a special team surrounded for the most part with wonderful people. We got lucky have the group we do compared to the stories I have heard. So with all of that can they do it? As long as our girls stick to it they can pull it off two years in a row.

Here is April from last years Vegas Cup taking the winning PQ kick. Special moment for not only her but I and thanks to Action shooters caught on film.

A lot of people do ask why we put so much into this soccer world at such a young age. Yes we do travel out of state a few times a year (like 6-8 times) spending a $1000 each time, and yes we do leave school a little early, and yes we do have toooooons of drama. But, my daughter has some amazing friendships with some amazing little girls. Bonds that cannot be made anywhere else the way the have been made through the soccer world. April has to learn to make choices and be responsible, something I am not sure I would hold her to at this young of an age without soccer and of course the friendships us as parents get to make with some pretty cool people we never would have been able to meet.
Recently I was scrutinized because I stuck true to my word. Soccer is important; however, it will never replace the lesson we are teaching our children about character. If at anytime this whole soccer thing puts April's or our character into question it is no longer worth it. April can get into school based on grades alone. Soccer would be an added bonus. Lately the political side of competitive soccer  has come out and it is ugly. We will stay grounded, true to our word, drama free, and make friendship with those that will encourage not deter us.
I refuse to allow soccer to take over our life but it is a major part of it. It is not for the weak at heart.
Pray for our girls this weekend to come out of it all safe, with time enjoyed and good games with them playing their best.
Xo ~ Claudia I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.

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