Scripture Sunday ~ Interview with Amy Hale {pictures and video}

Amy Hale
45 : married to Stephen
3 kids: Mac(9), Sarah(16), & Taylor(23)
Bible studying, basketball watching, memory preserving Mom
Welcome Amy and her Scripture Sunday interview. I was not one for reading and studying the Bible this past year until I seen the encouraging way Amy shared hers. The way she dove into the word and so lovingly shared what God spoke to her made me want to dive back in. I hope you enjoy her passion as much as I have.   

Tell us about you ?
"My name is Amy Hale. I am 45 years old, married to Stephen and I have 3 children: Mac (9), Sarah (16), and Taylor (23).  I enjoy Bible study, reading, traveling, & watching NBA basketball with my husband—especially the Memphis Grizzlies. I like to preserve my family’s memories through scrapbooking (Project Life) when I can find time."
They way you study your bible and share it is inspirational. Can you tell us about your bible time?
"Bible time: I get up very early—before everyone else—to have my quiet time with the Lord. My alarm goes off at 4:45 and usually by 5 a.m. I am sitting down at my dining table with my warm cup of coffee, my Bible, my notebook paper and favorite bowl of pens. I take a couple of minutes to wake up, then start by reading that day’s entry in the Jesus Calling devotion book. If I read something that really stirs my heart, I may post it on my Facebook or Instagram. I love sharing with others the things that encourage me. After that, I may record a quote or scripture from the devotional  on a piece of notebook paper . On that same piece of paper I jot down some things I am thankful for, whatever sins I need to confess, and people or things I need to lift up in prayer. When I’m done with that paper, I file it in a 3 ring binder. After that, if there’s time, I will move on to my actual Bible study—usually a reading plan I am doing along with the She Reads Truth community online. I’ll finish with prayer and start my day!"
Being a busy mom, what would one goal for yourself be? 
"One goal I have for myself: To achieve more balance in my quiet time. I used to pray a LOT, but I would barely read my Bible. Nowadays, I spend almost all my time studying my Bible and don’t have much time left for prayer, so I’d like to achieve more balance in this area. One way I try to do this is by using my drive time to pray. (I’m in my car an average of 3-4 hours a day!)"
To those who follow your different media feeds (from the outside) it seems you have made the word of God a part of your day to day life. How have you accomplished that?
"Well, the Bible has become so important to me, it’s much more than just “part” of my every day. It’s my compass. It’s my mirror. It’s my very foundation. It keeps me centered. It’s the only place I can turn to—anytime—for TRUTH. It reminds me who I am in Christ, how He sees me, what He wants for me, and all that He’s done for me. It comforts me, encourages me, equips me, and guides me. I need it desperately, daily."
During your Bible time how do you study the word?
"... I have established the habit of waking before everyone else so that I can focus and meditate on God’s Word without interruption or distraction. On rare days when that is not possible, I make time at the end of the day, right before I go to bed. I have become an active member of the She Reads Truth community, so I am usually doing whatever study they are doing. It might be reading through a specific book of the Bible, or it might be a study on a topic like Prayer or Thanksgiving."

"... I prefer to write on loose notebook paper instead of a journal and I stick my pages inside a 3 ring binder when I am through. I start a new one every year. What I do is read over the passage of Scripture they have assigned, and I’ve found there is almost always either a word or a single verse that seems to leap off the page at me. I’ll write that down and then journal my thoughts about it—how I believe God is speaking to me through that verse. After that, I take a photo of it and share it online via social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve met a LOT of sweet ladies through sharing my Bible study notes this way."
What brought you to God and his word?

"I accepted Christ at a very young age when I attended a revival. I grew up attending church every Sunday and Wednesday, and I was very active in the youth group. However, it was not until after I had made some poor decisions as a young adult that I feel I truly came to know Him as my Savior. It was specifically a difficult marriage that sent me to desperate prayer where, for the first time, I truly felt God speak to my heart. He urged me to commit my marriage to Him and to "watch what He would do". That was a major turning point in my life. That's where I got to know God as Friend and Redeemer."

What are some of the things you are working on for yourself? Trying to change? Do better?
"Last year I lost about 35 lbs. Unfortunately, over the holidays I put 10 lbs. back on! Right now I am working on getting back on track with healthy eating habits and regular exercise. I would also like to get in the habit of setting aside time each week to PLAN healthy meals for my family because right now I am going to the grocery almost every day buying stuff for dinner! That's crazy. I'd love to discipline myself to sit down on the weekends and plan 3-4 dinners for my family. That would be a very good thing. Also, as happy as I am about how faithful God has been in mending areas of my marriage, He has shown me ways I can be a better wife. That is an area of my life I could definitely "do better". I love to encourage others, but it seems often my sweet husband gets lost in the shuffle. I want to be more intentional about loving him and building him up."

A mistake in life you have learned from?"Wow. I could talk about this for hours. Ha! The first thing that comes to mind is ignoring God when he was clearly directing me to obey Him. It would take too long to explain the whole thing, but basically, several years ago, I was blogging, leading Bible study at my church, and Facebooking. All of those things began with the best of intentions: to glorify God and point others to Him. Sadly, I let people's praise go to my head. From women in my Bible study group, to blog readers and even comments on my Facebook page. Before I knew it, I was making my Bible study teaching, my blog, and my Facebook all about ME. It might have looked like I was giving God the glory, but in my heart, I was worshiping the praise I was receiving and it consumed me. God told me to resign from Bible study leadership, shut down the blog and close my Facebook account. I chose to ignore Him. When I did, He arranged my circumstances where I had no choice but to obey (That's a story for another time). Bottom line, I spend the next three years of my life "on the sidelines" so to speak. God wanted me to do NOTHING but sit at His feet and listen to what He had to say. It was so hard for me, but in the end it was the best thing for me. That period of time - alone with Him and away from the crowd- dramatically deepened my relationship with Him AND my love for His Word."
Who are you?
 "I am first and foremost a daughter of the King of the kings, and a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a blessed wife and mother who seeks to encourage others daily with the hope God me. I mess up a lot, but He is always there to help me up and give me a fresh start. His faithfulness blows me away."  
 Your dream day would be?

 "Honestly? ANY day that is filled with family, laughter, good food and time in God's Word. (But on the private balcony of a cruise ship would be great too!)"
Check out Amy's Video
"... celebrate the one year anniversary of She Reads Truth." 
Amy shared "how God specifically spoke to me through His Word"

Thank you Amy for sharing with us and being so candid. It is always inspirational to have someone who is honest and open shedding light on real everyday things that happen to most of us.  
Xo ~ Claudia I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.


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