Love Dare - Dare 12 Love Lets the Other Win


Day 12: Love lets the other win
Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.
—Philippians 2:4


Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse. Tell them you are putting their preference first.


Usually I have the final say especially  when it comes to the kids. The hubs and I had a talked a few days ago about who wore the pants in the house. We were listening to SOS radio on the way home from a date night and the radio host said that someone had asked him. He answered that even though he says him he knows his wife does. That made the hubs laugh because that is how he said it is for us.

I would love to say he is wrong; however, in truth I am. But it works. I am the decision maker (not the easy job) and the hubs is the supporter ( a little easier). I am home all day with the children, I do homework, I meet friends, I am in the classrooms, I go on field trips, and so on and so on. Not because he doesn't want to do it all but because he is working so hard to make it possible for me to able to do so.

In turn all the decision and final say when it comes to our children is left to me. We of course talk about it everything but it is left to me. When we have to make decisions for anything else besides the children I still can's say that he wears the pants... nor do I. We wear the pants because we do it all together.

So there is no time that I do not put his preference first. This dare was hard to even fathom how to put to use out side of what we already do in the marriage we decided to have.

Xo ~ Claudia

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