How to Make a Menu Plan ~ Well my version

Cooking a hot meal everyday to feed your family
may not be as easy if you don't have a 
menu to help with a full schedule.

With my busy schedule many people ask how I do it all.... I really don't do it all; however, I do try and sometimes I succeed. When it comes to feeding my family we do so as a team. Now that I am back at school, leading four troops for Girl Scouts, continuing the soccer mom thing, and adding in gymnastics my time is minimal. Meal planning is a must or we just grab food out every night. I am going to share  what works for my family and a few steps that a person could take and make work for them. I am in the works of making a menu board ...so check back for that.

Friday: Before my hubs gets home I sit and think what I would like to make that week. Sometimes I will ask my kids for a favorite or two to add to the menu. I know my hubs favorites so I can surprise him through the week with dinner.

Money saving route: the only one I use
  • Look to see what meats, produce, and can goods are still available
  • Build meals around those
  • Plan to buy new staples to replace the ones being used
  • Plan a meal that can be used for lunch the next day
  • Plan for 8 days
Start writing a menu with dinner. Dinner is the main meal that should be planned out because it will have the most ingredients. Try planning two meals to be meatless, this is a great saving tip. If you plan for eight days you will have staples build up and more choices to cook. When planning have you calendar out when menu planning. Pick meals according to the time you have for those days.

Example: my menu for Jan 4th - Jan 12th
  • Saturday ~ Chili dogs with fries {soccer}
  • Sunday ~ Pork roast with mashed potatoes, veggies, salad & rolls - crockpot {family day}
  • Monday ~ Pulled pork sandwiches with veggie chips & coleslaw - leftovers {gymnastics}
  • Tuesday ~ Beef stew with rolls - crockpot {school & soccer}
  • Wednesday ~ Stuffed chicken breast with rice and veggies - crockpot {school}
  • Thursday ~ Family day out{girl scouts & soccer}
  • Friday ~ Steaks with baked potatoes and veggies with salad - grill{soccer}
  • Saturday ~ BLT sandwiches with salad {soccer}
For the days I know that I nor a family member will not be able to stand in front of a stove the meal is in a crockpot. It is important to have that time at the table with all the family surrounding and loving each other. I shop every Friday so there is at least three days that become extra. So if something is to hard to cook because my day has become far to busy, I pull out one of the reserve meals that might be a little easier. As you see Monday is a meal that I will be using leftovers. I count this as a meatless meal because I don't have to buy meat for this day.

After you have your dinners planned move on to lunches. If you are able to use left overs for lunch do so. My children eat at school so lunches are for my father, the hubs, and I. The only day that I would pull lunch off using left overs would be Friday making steak salads for us Saturday afternoon. So for lunch this is what my menu looks like.


  • Saturday ~ Grilled sandwiches with fruit
  • Sunday ~ Pb&J sandwiches with jello
  • Monday ~ Grilled chicken salad
  • Tuesday ~ Cheese veggies with fruit
  • Wednesday ~ Grilled chicken sandwiches 
  • Thursday ~ Ham and Cheese sandwiches with chips 
  • Friday ~ Cup of noodles with crackers
  • Saturday ~ Steak salad
Breakfast is the next. It is an important meal. My kids have the option to eat at school if they like but this meal is one I try to have at the house. I usually pick three to four things to make over the eight day. We usually eat something twice to three times in one week leaving the rest as a staple. I usually have four boxes of oatmeal on hand and a box or two of extra cereal. Anytime the morning gets busy or we are running late the easiest meal is usually pulled together. Sundays the hubs usually makes pancakes for us. Kids favorites are homemade muffins and cereal.
  • Cereal
  • Waffles
  • Oatmeal
  • Muffins
Menu planning does not have to be hard but it does take a little time. Whenever a meal is a hit I usually catalog it so that it can be cooked again. When you have a menu you can then have a budget. When you know what you are buying you spend less. Now that there is an idea of what will be cooked a list can be made for shopping.

Hope this was helpful! Enjoy saving.


Xo ~ Claudia
I am Wife/Mom/Student/Teacher/Girl Scout Leader/Soccer Mom/Gymnastic Mom/Person/Sinner/Believer ~ I may be one person but I wear many hats.

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