Time ... Wait Whats That ????

There are those moments in life were you have to admit your mom was right. I never thought the day would come where these words would come out of my mouth, but let me tell you, when it comes to making enough time out of a little time ... well she was right !!

Everyone has the same amount of time each day, 24 hours! It is how we each as individuals choose to use our time. Do we sleep the day away, do chores in our homes, go to school, work a full-time job, maybe even two or three jobs, or even nothing at all? I know i stretch my time thin. I try to get whatever i can done in a day, and other days i get nothing done at all.

Time is time. You can not make more of it, cannot rewind it, trade it for better times, or wish time would go away. It is here to stay ... promise!

With four kids i am sure you can imagine just how busy a day can get in my household. I would love to pretend that i have it all under control, that i meet all my goals, and i do as my schedule...suggest. NOPE!

Sometimes i find myself wishing for more time, or even wishing i had used my time more wisely. But i know that the time i have is equal to everyone's time. I look at these moms i like to call "suppppper moms", and i often wish i could figure out how they do it all. Get up in the morning, do a workout, shower, dress, make breakfast, wake up their children ( that means you have to wake up before them, not be woken up by them), and have the day ready to go, all with a smile. 

The last time i had a morning like that was ... well i don't remember!! No complaints though... really!!

So here i sit, typing away. Choosing to use my time to blog. Do i have laundry to do? ... yes. Could i be doing an activity with my children instead of letting them watch a movie? ... yes. Could i be reading a book i have been wanting to finish for what seems like forever? ... well yes. There are a million things we, i, you could be doing with our time. I have come to the point where i won't feel guilty anymore for how i spend it. 

Here is a lesson for me. Choose how i want to spend my time, spend the time wisely enjoying what i picked, and never say sorry for it!

What will you do with your time????

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