Summer Time Craze

My kids have officially been accepted into the Summer Time Craze club.

You may be asking yourself, is this a club my kid should be in?
Well sorry moms it is just one of those clubs we cannot keep them out of!
Our kids are all excited for summer to come. The last few weeks of school
get crazy, and as moms, well we feel like we have got it all worked
out this year. It will be a breeze.

I am one of those moms :)

We make multiple trips to the library, picking books i can
only hope my kids will read.
The library has this reading club going
called Club Read

I had to get creative, find some ideas for my kids to do
to simply stay out of trouble.
Summer Time Craze is equal to driving
for 10 hours and hear, "are we there yet, are we there yet".

Here are some of the other things i am
doing with my family to keep the
peace and keep out the craze...

Movie in the park ( different locations)
Farmer Markets
Water Play
found on Las Vegas Event

Fun things at home, low cost and some even free.
Baking lessons, movie and blanket party, fort days, homework
and book reports, dress up, plays, park playdates, and dancing.

Moms remember, summer time can be crazy!!!
The way i see it, just jump in and get crazy with the best of them!!
Enjoy these moments, because i know i will :)

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  1. How you crazy bless so many ... thanks bunches for splashing around with us at momma notes. Lacing up for the race ... hope you'll join us in cheering other moms on.