Love Dare

Marriages go through their ups and downs as does mine. Even though in our home we have made choices and stuck by them, people can change their minds and do whats best in that moment. Love Dare is used often in my homes as a tool to remember what it takes to make it work. Doesn't mean it will be all perfect after that, but it does give a great stepping stone to being better. I sat and prayed and thought about the best way i could better serve my marriage, maybe remember why i am in it for 10 years, and over look the choices i have made good and bad. Those who know me really well know exactly what choices i make and that i stand behind them. With that said i am making a choice now.
I am choosing to do love dare now because i feel that it will show me a clearer picture of what i have in front of me. I am choosing to love the man that God has placed in front of me, with out distractions, with out doubt and with a smile. I am choosing to serve my family and marriage in this way. Join me for my journey.
40 days of intentional love.

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