Happy Mothers Day 2013


Happy Mothers day to all you moms, grandmas, and loved ones filling the spot!! You make a difference in the life's of the children you care for! You are a super mom, and while we should be celebrated everyday, today is a day to be celebrated even more.

I am a super mom. I usually do not boast about what i do and look for thank you's.
This year though, i wanted to take the time to share why my children 
call me "Super Mom" !!
A super mom is someone who works her tail off for her family. 
She is that mom who can make 30 hours out of a 24 hour day. 
A super mom is the mom who loves 
and feels rewarded just from that. 
We are SUPER MOMS!!!

I Am a MOM
April 9, Havanna 7 1/2, Tatiana almost 5, and Cristofer almost 4

The keep me up all hours of the night, wake me up before the sun
shines, frustrate me, make me laugh, make me smile, give
me love unconditionally, and are the sanity sucking
blessings behind who i am.

I Am a Soccer MOM

I Am a Gymnastic MOM

I Am a Playdate MOM

I Am the Class MOM
 I Am a Girl Scout Leader

I Am a Student

I AM A MOM !!!!!!!!!!

Why I smile !!


  1. So blessed to find you today. & to be splashed by some serious goodness.

    I would love to see you splashin' our little group of moms. We could use your words of encouragement. your tips. your photos. your anything gloriously mom.

    I jot some few notes on Mondays. But it's a link up whenever you can kind of thing. I understand the filled to the brim momma schedules. We would be honored to have you join. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Splashin' Momma,


  2. Sarah I would love to be apart of this wonderful idea you have. Please email me @ fortheloveof4@gmail.com