Don't Be A Bully ... Don't Raise A Bully !!

 Growing up I was what you could consider the popular kid. 
From as long as I can remember, I have always had all kinds of friends.
I was brought up to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. 
When I went to school there was the usual fights and misunderstandings;
However, once I got to high school it changed. 
If you weren't pretty, a jock, or something along those lines
you weren't cool enough. 

I took the time after seeing some pretty bad things in my high school 
to make friends with those who didn't have any, or those who were picked on.
I was the lucky one because I had some amazing friendships that carried
through my adult life. I watched other kids push people
around, fight, and pick on students who were smaller than them. 

I made a promise that i would teach my children better. 
Now i am a mom ....

Even as an adult i still deal with people who are "bullies". 
I am a strong enough person that it never goes past words, because I
stick up for myself. But it is sad to see that grown ups resort to
such childish behavior.These situation's make for great lessons for my kids. 

When you gossip, talk behind others backs, are rude, unkind, exclude, pretend
to be friends simply to get something out of it, lie, not stop the
 bullying we witness, or anything similar ... you are a bully.
We all have a tendency of doing one or some of these things. 
We are teaching our children these things!


Rethink what you say and do in front of you kids. 
Listen to parents of other children your kids push around.
Be a parent not a friend.
Be apart of their lives, involved and work with teachers. 
DO NOT let the funny things slide, or over look something because you 
do not like the parent or child. 


Teach your children to step in. Watching someone else be bullied
and doing nothing about it, makes your child just as much to blame. 
Teach your child to find someone safe, to speak up, to be a friend, to not join in!


Tell your child what a bully is. DON'T make it a joke.
Teach your children a strong character. Teach them to be a leader.

My children are being taught... are yours?
April is a strong girl, and for the most part she lets the comments roll off 
her back. On the field she is a different girl.
 There are instances though, where parents have failed to teach their children.
Girls at school, team mates on her soccer team, girls from girl scouts.. so on and so on.
Because they have not been taught right, makes me want to push even harder to teach mine.

There will always be times as a mother that i cannot fix something for my child. 
There will be a time when my child will be in the wrong. 
I started getting frustrated and told April to speak up, to put the bullies in their place.
Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.
At some point these little girls who bully others 
will no longer be beautiful. 
Their beauty won't be able to carry the weight of their ugly.
At some point these little boys who bully
will no long be handsome.
Their ugliness will make them followers.

I know some will read this and be offended.
If you are then maybe you should take a look at your parenting skills
when it comes to teaching your children about bullying, stopping your
child from being a bully, and not stopping others from doing it.

I refuse to let my children become bullies.
I will be their advocate.
I made the mistake of advising them wrongly.
A lesson i had to learn!

Point to this post...

It is up to us to make our next generation better than our own. 
It is up to us to change the outcome of the failures of past generations.
Because we believe differently or do not agree, is not an excuse to
harm or bully someone.The way our children act is an extension of how we parent. 

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