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!! Please excuse my writing, i am not feeling well and am doing this from my cell phone. I promised to have this up for those who asked for it no later than today. !!

A few of my local readers asked me to review a local diner. I have put great thought to it and decided to not share the name of the diner or those who work there. While my review will not be a surprise, there are still a few hard workers that should not have to suffer because of the rest. Those who asked for the review will know where i went.

As i promised in emails, i had three different visits to this diner. The first visit was by myself. I sat at the table bar, and was serviced pretty fast. My order was perfectly right and the service from the manager was great. I thought maybe this review wasn't necessary, until the second visit. I took my whole family. We were seated fairly quickly, and there seem to be only one or two other large parties. One of which already had their food and the other was going out. It took 10 mins to have our drink order taken, another 10 for our food order, and another hour before our food actually made it to us. People who came in after us were seated, ordered and ate before our food made it to our table. Once we got our food orders were wrong, food was cold and my children left hungry. We went for breakfast. Ended up having a very late lunch. When a server came over that i know personally, who attends the same church we go to, seen i wasn't smiling like usual when i am there ( i go for sunday bible study). He got our bill knocked down 10% and couldn't be more sorry for the bad service. I waited a whole two weeks before i had my third visit. I wanted to make sure that i went on a totally different day and time in hopes of having a different server.

Third visit went like this; we were seated by someone who was training, and our drink order was taken right there and then. She tried her best to get what we wanted, even though our server gave her incorrect information. I had asked for warm orange juice for the girls, and she was told she couldn't do this. I found out later from the manager that it could have been done. The hostess in training was doing her best and i give her major thumbs up for her first night of work. About 15 mins or so later our server came, she took our order and put it in. I was seated where i could see this happening, and she kept looking over as though she may ave not written our order correctly. Another server forgot to put in her complete order so the cook pushed ours back to make three meals that she forgot. Something that shouldn't have happened. Once our orders finally made it to us, 40 mins later, they were incomplete and cold. The girls didn't eat all of their food because of it and mine was as though it was sitting up there for 40 mins waiting to get to me.

I asked for the manager, who was in the back helping the cook the whole time. She just so happened to be the person who was my first server when i started this whole thing. She took my complaints in stride, was apologetic for the last two visits, and took care of the whole bill for that visit.

So here is my final word. I do visit this diner regularly and have never had an issue. Granted this is at 5 am in the morning and its empty. the last two visit has made it to the point that i do not want to take my family there anymore. Bad service, bad food = bad experience. The upside is you do have the few who like their job, want to see you come back and will do what they think is right to make it happen.

So for you local gals, if you are going to go, i suggest that you do not take a large group, do not stay to eat if you are limited on time and if you have a specific order or way you want something pick somewhere else.

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