Happy Vday

Happy Valentines day!! This is the first year i have allowed me to be included. I have to say it was fun. I have never been a fan of this so called holiday, and am not sure i still am outside of the fun my kids have. But this year we did it up, even though a few of us our sick.

Ended my Vday with a dinner out and was given a new bridal set. 10 years and still going. Its a beautiful ring!

Take a look at our day through pictures.

Didn't use the mailboxes from last year but instead girl scout boxes... went simple this year

what i found in my front seat of the car... swweeeeeettt!!!

Havanna not feeling well but wanting to go to school and wear her silly hat

got my hair done ... it was needed

kids got candy and kindles from us (the babies didn't want in on the pictures)

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