A Home Becoming of A 50's Housewife

So i have been working on my home. Anyone who knows me knows i have pile after pile of hot spots in my home. Everything from mail to kids school work. How can i be a good hostess when i don't have somewhere warm and inviting for them to be hosted at??

So i am taking it room by room. First it was our living room, which i love!! Now it is time for the laundry room. I am so bad taking before picture, but did find pictures of before i moved in. I am looking to brighten my home and bring warmth to it. I want an organized home and a clutter free place to raise my kids.

When we first moved in i wanted to get the house moved in and livable within one day. BIG mistake. I laid down cheap flooring over a floor i much rather and actually really want now, put up cheap shelving to hold our towels and linens, and hung a car visor as a drape to block the sun. My laundry room looked a hot mess. After talking it over with the hubs, we wanted a bright, airy, fresh space. You know, so i would actually use it.

So here is the plan:

~ yellow paint on the walls
~ better shelving
~ clutter free space
~ closed off dirty clothes hampers
~ work on the flooring
~ organization

Pictures coming soon so keep checking back

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