Soccer, Winning, The Feeling of Being Proud

- From Moms Point of View:

The moment they realized they did it was a moment i do not think i could ever forget. The excitement that each of the girls showed, and the elation that displayed on their faces. The ran to JB, our goalie, embraced and celebrated. They know that they won, but i am not sure they understand what it means truly. The trained long and hard, and practiced many days a week. They had to beat out a handful of teams before even getting to the position that they were in to compete.

So the smiles, the tears, the laughter and excitement  mean more than i think they can grasp. But i think the simplicity behind taking this win for face value is what makes it mean even more to them. To see these young girls grow, to have coaches who love them enough to be tough on them, and to see them accomplish such a feat that meant so much to them not just us (parents) was a powerful moment. I am proud of them all, but even better they are proud of themselves.

 I make a point of always getting April's soccer photos because i want her to have these memories of when she plays. While looking threw them i noticed one common factor between them all. I giggled a little, had a mommy moment and then asked her about it. She crosses her fingers when she goes in for a play. She explained to me, " mom its for good luck, because i want to do my best. Its important, and i have to be tough. This helps me." I smiled.

"We won, we won.... mommy we won!!!!" April screams in my arms as i am spinning her around after she made a pk for the win. The team worked so hard for this, April worked so hard for this. I choked up hearing my child's elation, her excitement. Every parent on the field felt the same, this i can be sure of.

I was so scared as a mom and could not understand why the coach picked my kid to take the 5th goal kick, or any for that matter. He often tells me i am to hard on her, and i am starting to see his point. I half way closed my eyes, and waited for the out come. She set up for the kick, ran to the ball, and giggled because the ref stopped her saying it wasn't time yet. He blows the whistle and she goes hard for it. GOOOOOAAL

 As a parent, you tend to want your kids to always do their best. As a soccer mom you just want them to have fun and kick but. This being a first time championship for this team, it quickly became just a little more. I have a new appreciation for how hard my child works, a new appreciation for how hard our coaches work, and even more for the parents that support each others children. We are a family.


  1. That is so amazing! Congratulations to the whole team!

  2. I loved this post by you Claudia, makes me proud to know you and see your depth as a great Mom.. Keep it up!