Mommy On A Schedule - How Many Hours In A Day??

Every mom looks for more time in a day. 24 hours minus what ever sleep time we manage, sometimes doesn't seem like enough.  We try to get things done throughout the day, while being someone for everyone. Doesn't it seem like in the movies, old stories that we hear from family, and our friends who make being mom seem easy as if they have it all together and extra time to spare. I want to know their secrets, how they do it. I mean is there a way to not pull my hair out??? So lets get down to the niddy-griddy and figure this out. Its possible i am sure to be the super mommy everyone claims me to be. 

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So my daily schedule of course revolves around my children. I always have to check their calendars before marking a date on mine. In between their schooling, sport activities, bake sales, fundraising, out of state trips, practices and sleep overs my children keep me busy.

Our day usually starts with convincing my children that staying in bed isn't the best idea.... something i am still trying to agree with myself. We cuddle for a few in my bed, giving ourselves a chance to wake up fully. Breakfast is usually the one meal no one can agree on what we would like to eat. We try to eat something yum but its not always guaranteed. My children are not usually picky but at this early hour in the morning (6 am ) they tend to be fussy. By the time we finish and get ready for school, pack our backpacks and give our kisses its almost 9am. You would think with two in school i have some me time.... Depends on how lazy i intend to be that day :) But i wont bore you with a min by min play of my day but instead share some tips with you.

Here is my week at a glance: (regular week)
Sunday: Church, football game, family time, softball games.
Monday: School, homeschool, emails, cleanup from weekend, park play, homework for the week
Tuesday: School, homeschool, homework, my homework, soccer practice, gymnastics
Wednesday: School, homeschool, laundry, homework, soccer practice, the hubs and I both have school
Thursday: School, homeschool, park play, homework, soccer practice
Friday: School homeschool, homework, shopping, bill pay, soccer finishing
Saturday: Soccer game, playdates, rest time

Believe me or not this is not a busy week. My oldest is in her tournament season and we travel out of state and have instate tournys to.

- Keep a calendar. It really does help to have a desk top calendar or a wall calendar that has everything in view. You limit the chances of double booking yourself.
- Schedule in family time and relaxing time. Promise that you will be more likely to take it if its planned out.
- Cancel! if you jut can't make something or you have double cooked something, cancel it. Do not stress over it. Sometimes it happens sometimes we get sick. Life will go on ...
- Car pool .... it really does help
- Enjoy the little moments, the fun moments, the silly moments.

How do you keep you house running? What is your daily to do like?

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