Lets Begin a New - and Last Years Review

We all make resolutions and at the same time, no matter how much good effort we put behind it, not do them. So like last year i am set a few goals. Nothing major nothing unattainable. I think the least i put on my already full plate the more likely i am to accomplish them. I can always add on to my list later.

Goals- nothing in particular order-
- Learn to better manage my time on a day to day timeline.
- Get back into church.
- Do 20 mins of some kind of movement that can go towards a workout.
- Drink more water. At least 3 glasses a day.
- Stay on top of my laundry.
- Blog more often.
- Craft
- Have a date night at least every month.
- Watch less TV, and cut down on my reading.
- Do well in school.
- Enjoy my family !!!

Last year was something to say the least. I went back to school and found out not every school holds itself p to high standards. I learned a few new crafting tricks. Sadly i stopped attending church. I did not blog much even though i really wanted to. I found myself discouraged. So many blogs now are just about reviews and gifts and less about family and life. We went through up and downs when it came to financial stress and lack of. Holidays were spent with family. A few births in the family and loved ones lost. It was a hard but very special year. 

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