If You Build It, They Will Come--When You Follow These Mom Blog Networking Secrets

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In the past 2 years, the number of bloggers has exploded, with an estimated 4.2 million blogging moms out there in the blogosphere. How can anyone hope to stand out? The truth is, the cream does rise to the top in the blogging industry, but there's a lot you have to do to make sure you and your content has a chance to be seen. And how many moms are online to read your content? The estimate given by eMarketer is 32 Million. Good odds that someone will notice you, right?

Get Liked!

Link your Facebook profile to your blog. If you need to, create a new Facebook account so that all of your followers can see your newest posts--nothing too personal or potentially embarrassing in the wrong ways.

If you haven't yet, join some of the social networking sites for moms who blog. Some great ones are Mom Bloggers Club and the Bloggy Moms. As you are likely aware, joining is never enough. Another great way to get more traffic is to have a web designer help you with making your site search-engine friendly. Top Ranked Designers can help and they have really affordable prices!

Quid Pro Quo

Benefit as many people in your network as possible. Offer giveaways on your blog and join giveaways of other moms. Promote them. That's right, tell visitors to your page why they should read other blogs. You'll have new bloggers to follow, and they'll follow you too. Look up the top mom blogs in the country, and follow them. Be creative in your messages to these women if you do decide to contact them, and you could get a shout out on their blog someday. Thousands could follow that link.

Join Klout

Getting a high Klout score reflecting your blogging activity will get you noticed. As you get started, you will soon understand how your activities influence social media in general, and you can figure out what you need to do better to raise your score.

Good luck, bloggers!

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