Over Taking My Home...

I have lived in my home for what seems like forever now. Funny thing is I don't think I am fully unpacked yet. I have let what ever style the previous owner had take over what I wanted my home to feel like. With scattered pictures, ugly paint and not cohesiveness at all, I finally did it. I took my home back!!

A while back I was able to paint almost every wall in my home. I was able to get rid of a really bad green. I knew what my color scheme through out my house would be, it was just a matter of finding the right colors. This took a while. But it happened. We washed down the walls and painted everything with a fresh coat of paint.

 I did not want to go crazy with a modern look and did not want a lot of "things" in my living space. My family and I spend a lot of time in this one room and use it for most everything we do together. I also wanted to make a majority of what would be used in the space. This was not an easy task. The placement of the furniture would not change, and for the most part no new furniture would come in. First thing we did was clean up and unpack any last boxes we had for this area. I took my time figuring out what I wanted on my walls and looked for the most price efficient way of doing it. Some times buying an item was cheaper and well better than making it.

 While the lighting is bad in my shots, {cell phones do that i've learned} they show the difference as of now. I made a valence for the window, I put up a quilt that I made for the living space, added our family photos in beautiful frames, and made a wonderful frame for our entrance.

The things that are left for this side of the living room are framed hand prints of the kids to go above the quilt and maybe a homemade clock in between the two sets of family photos. After that the simple part of making more throw pillows for my sectional and fixing the foot stool that isn't pictured.

I have a large mirror that my grandmother gave me that i have not yet got the guts to hang in this home. So to replace that we found small mirrors that we grouped together above the tv. I think it makes our living room look a little bigger. We framed our family rules picture, helping it to tie in with the other dark frames in the room. Hung smaller versions of lovely messages and framed them as well to tie those in with the rest of the dark frames too. Cleaned out and used a few pops of red in the entry way. Added in a frame full of meaningful bible verses and quotes for those who walk in our home can read.

Of course our Christmas decor wont be up for much longer but makes it even more family friendly I think. Now there are a few things being added to this side as well. We will be painting the door and door frame red and framing out all the door ways with red trim. After that we will be done. It feels like home now. I feel like I can have people in my home now. Part of being a good homemaker is being hospitable. Feels great having my home !


  1. You did pretty well on your home makeover. It was the best time for doing that so you can make a different aura perfect for the coming year. Kudos!