Mom Gone Softie...

I am as strict of a mom as they come. I have set up rules in my house that i expect each of my children to follow to the best of their ability. When said rules are broken then there is a punishment to be had. As each child gets older there is less of a need for disapline for them. I thought it was getting easier and maybe just maybe i would be able to be the "fun" parent. My luck ran short today, and to be honest i am not really sure how to deal with the issue that i am facing. Am i a softie now??
After what happened this past friday the way i look at my children has changed dramatically. I've always loved them and always felt blessed to have them. But realizing that i truly could lose them at any given moment rocked me to the core. Which makes getting frustrated, upset, the dealer of punishments, and the moments of disapointment harder. So here is my problem.

I got a text message from April's teacher asking for a parent/teacher/student converence. Well first thing i texted back was yes and if all was ok. Of course it was, just that April made a mistake and she would like for her to tell me all about it. I asked for heads up so that my mind wouldn't be going crazy with what may or might have happened. She let me know that April had cheated in the unhonest sense of changing an all ready corrected paper and trying to get more credit for it.

So how do i punish for this? Do i just let it go? For lying punishment has always been one swat to the bottom which i have only had to use once and we thought the lesson was learned. For cheating it has always been 1 swat as well, but this is one thing i have not come across with my kids. I just don't have it in me to follow through with these punishments and i am lost in just how to deal with this.

So what am i to do as a mom to hold her responsible for her actions? What will be enough to make it clear that this should NEVER happen again?

I am left with playing it by ear today i guess. The meeting is in about an hour and i have come to no final conclusion in what i am to do. So i have prayed about it and i am sure that when the time comes this afternoon i will know just what to do. Being a mom is hard... changing how you handle things doesn't make you a softie ... and i am sticking by that :)

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  1. Out COme- After going in and speaking with her teacher, April had to read out loud the Honor Pledge she signed. I had her sign one last year when we had an issue with knowing right from wrong. I explained to her my disapointment in the sittuation, the importance of honesty, and why this was wrong. She got teary eyed. I am not sure it sunk in how much trouble she could have gotten in if her teacher made a different choice. Her teacher told me she is a very good girl who made a bad choice. Hopefully no more choices like this one will be an issue for us anymore. Punishment, 21 days no computer, video games, sleep overs or playdates. I thought this was fitting.